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6 Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Cooking

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With the holiday season coming upon us, it’s time to start writing out your holiday gift lists. There are so many people to get gifts for: your parents, your kids, your spouse, your friends,  your colleagues, and the list goes on. Planning out what to buy for everyone can be so fun, but there are certain kinds of people that are hard to find the perfect gift for, including people who love to cook. While there are many cooking-related things you could buy, chances are they already have it, so what do you get for someone who loves to cook? Today, we’re here to help you answer that question by giving you six great gift ideas for the person in your life who loves cooking. Whether it’s a brand new pot set, a personalized apron, or anything in between, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for the cooks in your life in this article. 

1. Recipe Book 

With more and more people using online recipes today, there’s something nostalgic about flipping through a physical recipe book, which is why this is our first gift idea for someone who loves cooking. Since there are so many different kinds of recipe books out there, you can either opt for recipes you know they will love and are already familiar with, or you could gift them a recipe book that’s out-of-the-box for them, maybe a new cuisine they’ve never made before. Some recipe books have really beautiful covers, so they can serve a double purpose as a coffee table book, too. Getting a recipe book for the cook in your life is always a great gift idea. 

2. Pot Set 

This second gift recommendation requires a little bit of personal research. Specifically, you should have an understanding of the crockery your loved one already owns. If they lack pots, a great gift idea would be a high-quality pot set. By getting them a pot set, you can ensure they get a diverse range of pots so that each one can be used for different occasions. A pot set is the perfect way to show appreciation to your loved one who loves to cook. 

3. Seasoning Gift Set 

Our third gift idea for someone who loves cooking is a seasoning gift set. There are many gift sets out there that include numerous different seasonings and spices. Even if your loved one already owns these spices, you can’t go wrong with gifting them with a seasonings gift set because they’ll find use for it eventually, whether they receive new spices altogether or run out of their current stash of seasonings. They’ll definitely get a whole lot of use out of this gift. 

4. Kitchen Towels 

The fourth gift idea we have for you is a set of kitchen towels. Kitchen towels do so much more than dry dishes and wipe off counter tops; they have the potential to add a ton of character to any kitchen, so they must be chosen carefully. Depending on the style preferences of your loved one, you might want to get them a set of neutral, checkered kitchen towels, but if they prefer color in their kitchen, then go crazy by gifting them kitchen towels with bright, bold designs. This gift is useful and will also add an aesthetic element to their kitchen. Which cook wouldn’t love that? 

5. Measuring Conversion Fridge Magnet 

Our fifth gift recommendation is a measuring conversion fridge magnet. There are not many things that are as stressful as trying to mentally calculate how many tablespoons of an ingredient you’re supposed to put in when you only have measuring cups to work with, especially while cooking. Having a measuring converter on hand completely solves this problem. Instead of having to solve equations in your head in the middle of making a recipe, you can simply refer to the measuring converter, and you’ll have your answer. We think the best type of measuring converter is the fridge magnet version, but any kind would be a wonderful gift for the cook in your life. 

6. Personalized Apron 

The sixth and final gift idea we have for you today is a personalized apron. Your loved one who loves to cook will be absolutely thrilled when they open your gift to find an apron with their name embroidered on it or a quote they’re known for saying often. Personalized gifts show that you know someone really well, so by gifting your loved one with a personalized apron, they’ll feel appreciated and always remember that you were the one who got them this thoughtful gift every time they tie it on before starting a new recipe. 


We hope these gift ideas inspired you to think creatively when buying gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. Get started on your holiday shopping now so that you’re not rushing last minute; you’ll thank us later when that personalized apron comes in on time!


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