7 Signs You Are Dating a Substance Addict

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If you suspect you are dating a substance addict, here are seven telltale signs to look for to know for sure.

It’s not easy coping with sickness and with the fact that someone you love is sick. Substance addiction is a sickness that is highly harmful and hard on the people who love the addict. You want to help your loved one, but you don’t know how. The most important thing is not to ignore the problem and find the signs of it as early as possible. It’s hard to cope with it, but that’s the only way you can truly help the one you love. If you have doubts that your partner might be an addict, here are seven signs you are dating a substance addict.

1# You start seeing withdrawal symptoms in them

The most obvious signs that should alert you right away are withdrawal symptoms. Although withdrawal symptoms may differ from drug to substance, it is generally understood that they will cause the user to experience feelings counter to those produced by the substance.

Meth addicts, for instance, may have a heightened sense of awareness and invincibility when high. However, someone going through methamphetamine withdrawal is likely to experience extreme weariness and weakness. The length of time a person has been addicted and the degree of tolerance are two of the main elements determining the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

The most common withdrawal signs that should concern your right away are:

  • irritability
  • shivering
  • nausea
  • depression
  • changes in mood and appetite

2# Changes in appetite

Once a person becomes addicted to a drug or alcohol, it becomes the urge and the need stronger than all the other essential needs – like the need for food. Addicts would rather spend their money on the substance they’re addicted to than on their nutrition. Often, they become malnourished. So, if you see your chubby express some of the signs of anorexia, make sure to scratch the surface there. It’s not a definite and certain sign of addiction, but it can correlate with other very serious conditions. Pay attention to your partner’s eating habits.

3# They are going through some financial struggles

Financial difficulties, in addition to other indicators of addictive behavior, are a red flag. Substance misuse may alter one’s disposition, making it difficult to focus or think rationally. When someone develops an addiction, they often have financial difficulties as a result of their habit. The user loses all interest in everything except when they may take more of the drug. Forth many cases, this might motivate the individual to put in more effort toward acquiring their drug of choice.

4# Drug-seeking behavior is one of the telltale signs you are dating a substance addict

Addiction is strongly correlated with drug-seeking behavior. When someone is desperate to locate a particular drug, they could devote excessive time and effort. It’s possible that drug-seeking behavior won’t be evident to some people. According to the experts at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, these are the sneakiest signs and need careful evaluation. But, there are a few of the more obvious physical signs that follow them:

  • large or small pupils
  • blurry vision, bloodshot eyes
  • unexpected weight loss or gain
  • sleeplessness or inability to fall asleep
  • odors that aren’t typical

5# You fight more

When the craving for the substance start, you may fight more with your partner. People who are addicted to substances often have strong desires to use. The insatiable need to utilize the substance once or several times every day is what we call a “craving.” The need for the drug overwhelms the person’s rational brain processes, which might have far-reaching consequences. So, pay attention to the irrational fights and their frequency of them. If there is no underlying problem responsible for it directly in your relationship, your partner might be an addict.

6# They engage in more risky situations and behave differently

Addicts are more prone to engage in criminal activity that might lead to incarceration, such as stealing, lying, having risky sexual encounters, selling drugs, etc. So, pay attention if your loved one begins crossing some legal lines they usually don’t cross. People may also find it challenging to carry out their regular activities. A hallmark symptom of addiction is a decline in responsibility after prolonged substance consumption.

It’s important to seek help right away

All signs are essential to notice, but it’s crucial to recognize the signs of risky behavior and the differences that follow it. It’s imperative to seek help immediately and try to stop the destructive behavior that can cause significant damage to them long-term. It might be the best option to consider going to a professional therapist and consult them about the benefits of the Outpatient Program. That way, you can be sure that you have experienced people on your side since it’s tough to do these things yourself.

7# You get the feeling that they are cheating you

The one thing about addiction is that it becomes the most important part of the addict’s life. And an addict doesn’t want anyone to find out about it and take it away from them. So, some of the signs of addiction might look exactly like the signs that your partner is cheating on you. Because, in a way, they do. They put all their love and affection and pathologically hold onto the substance they are using the same way they would do it with another lover. If you want to help them, make sure not to get caught up in your ego and rationally think about everything.

Bottom line

It’s not easy to admit you are dating a substance addict. It’s not easy for them to accept it too. But, if you want to help your partner, you need to be strong with your eyes wide open. Look for the signs we mentioned above, and, if it comes to it, make sure they get the treatment they deserve.

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