8 Best Ways to Wind Down After a Long Day

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Being an adult is hard. You’ve been making snap decisions all day. Understandably, your brain is still moving a thousand miles a minute. After a long day at work, it can be hard to calm your mind down. 

Even stay-at-home moms and dads need a little time to themselves after getting the kids from school to activities, dinner, bath, and finally to bed. Treating yourself to tea gifts or luxuriating in a long bath can provide a much-needed private moment. 

No matter what you do, you deserve a break. Taking some time to wind down and indulge in some self-care can help boost your mood and help you show up as the best version of yourself for your coworkers and your family. 

De-stressing after a busy day looks different for everyone. If you find that crashing on the couch and watching Netflix isn’t doing the trick, these eight suggestions can help you find the evening routine that calms your mind and rejuvenates your spirit.

Cook Yourself a Healthy Meal 

Sure, some nights ordering in is just – easier. But, taking the time to prepare a healthy meal in the kitchen can be therapeutic. It allows your brain to indulge in creativity, and you’ll feed your soul as you prep fuel for your body. 

Even when your life feels totally out of control, you can step into your kitchen and be in charge. You are in control of every measurement you make. Have fun while you slice, dice, mix, and saute. Put on a playlist and dance around a little. Who said dinner time isn’t an opportunity to let loose?

Take a Brisk Walk 

Get out and get moving every day. If you feel wired when you get home from work, a quick walk or two around the block will help burn off that anxious energy and get you ready to settle down for the night. Bumping up your heart rate will do wonders for your health, but it also can help relieve stress. 

Take in the world around you. Focus on your breath and turn your walk into a walking meditation. Find gratitude in the sunset or the colors of the changing leaves. Ground yourself in the present moment and let worries melt away. 

Set Your Phone to Do Not Disturb

At work, your phone is your lifeline. It keeps you connected all day long and can provide a welcome distraction. Instead of scrolling social media or repeatedly checking emails all night, set your phone to do not disturb. 

At the very least, set your phone aside an hour before you head to bed. The blue light from your phone can negatively impact your circadian rhythm, tricking your brain into thinking it’s daylight and making it more difficult for you to fall asleep. Set your alarms early and set your phone aside. All the messages and alerts will be there in the morning.  

Clear Your Mind 

Daily journaling is proven to lessen stress and improve psychological health if a walk isn’t enough to clear your mind. Buy yourself a new journal and a pen you love to encourage yourself to start the habit.

Take some time each evening for expressive writing. This isn’t writing about your crush like you did in middle school. Get into your emotions. Free write about your experiences of your day. 

In your journal, you can reveal all your deepest desires. Write about the life of your dreams and take the first steps towards manifesting that reality.

Take a Long Bath 

Give yourself an at-home spa experience in your bathroom. Fill your tub with hot water and lavender-scented Epsom salts. Let the hot water melt all the tension from your busy day out of your body. Release all that stress and take a long deep breath. 

Go all the way and do a facemask. Light some candles and dim the lights. This is your time, and you deserve every second. 

Brew a Cozy Cup of Tea 

A warm and cozy drink before bed could be just what you need to calm down. Treat yourself to some tea gifts and try relaxing herbal teas from around the world. Chamomile and lavender are both known to increase relaxation. 

Tea gifts can also make an excellent afternoon pick-up on long days. Rather than reaching for an extra cup of coffee, try playful matcha or a comforting earl grey. There is something so soothing about breathing in the steam from a hot cup of tea. Tea gifts can help settle your spirit and indulge your curiosity. 

Curl Up Under a Weighted Blanket 

Bring your evening tea to the couch or bed with you and curl up under a weighted blanket. The added pressure from the blanket will help you feel swaddled and can immediately provide a calming effect.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed after work and can’t seem to stop the thoughts that are spinning – the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket can help relieve that anxious energy. Sip on your tea gifts and let yourself be cozy. 

Open a Good Book 

There is nothing quite like escaping reality between the pages of a good book. Reading can help you wind down before bed without any of the negative side effects of staring at a screen. Plus, it can help relieve stress and improve memory

Curl up under your blanket with your mug of tea and a good book. What’s your favorite genre? Whether it’s romance, science fiction, mystery, thriller, or fantasy, let your imagination take you to a new world where your problems don’t seem quite so big.

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