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Deciding If Now is a Good Time to Sell Your Home

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We live in an uncertain time, and many of the world’s issues are seeping into the housing and real estate market. So read this before deciding if now is a good time to sell your home.

Interest Rates are Rising

Interest rates are currently out of control. So right now isn’t a good time to consider selling your house. When mortgage rates go up, there are often fewer prospects and even less who can pay the price you want. Since it costs money to sell a home, you might decide to wait if you can’t get the best price. Your mortgage rates might also be a lot higher right now. From Townhomes to mansions, 2022 is very uncertain as a seller. Because of interest rates in the UK at 2.25% and the US at 3%, it will be best to wait until they subside and return to typical levels in 2023.

There is an Ample Supply of Market Homes

There is a problem with social housing at the moment in the USA and UK. And there is a shortage. However, there are plenty of options for private buyers. The demand for and prices of homes also go up when there aren’t enough of them to go around. This means it isn’t the right time to sell since you cannot command your asking price with so many other choices. Also, when there are many homes for sale, they tend to sell much slower than usual. No one really knows what will happen in 2023. But some experts think the market will somewhat stabilize.

It Could Be a Good Time to Sell Your Home If You Need Money

While it isn’t the best time to sell your home right now, you should go ahead with a sale with the help of realtors in Cincinnati Ohio if you need the money to avoid financial hardship. Your options are limited in such a destabilized market. However, there are some benefits. First, you will be less tempted to borrow more money, therefore raising your debt level. Also, you will get a better return on any savings you have, which you should avoid touching as times get tougher. However, you need to be aware that higher interest rates generally lower the value of properties, including your asking price.

What If You Need a Bigger Home?

Perhaps you need a bigger home to accommodate a larger family or to work from home more. One of the advantages of a cold market is you can purchase a larger property for less than usual. Although you will get less for your current property, scaling up is easier, so it kind of balances out. However, don’t move too fast to get the first good deal you see. Go over all your financial information and take the time to make sure you can afford the kind of home you want to scale up to. There are typically higher maintenance costs associated with bigger houses.

About Remortgaging Your House

Remortgaging is a common way to get a loan based on the value of your home. But if you just got your mortgage refinanced, it might not be the best time to sell. When you think about the closing costs and other fees that are usually paid as part of the refinancing process, you might lose money by doing this. Additionally, the current interest rates are going to have a high impact on your ability to repay a recently refinanced house. And with the rates being largely unpredictable, we don’t even know what 2023 will bring. It could be better, or it could be worse.


Deciding when there is a good time to sell your home depends on many factors. Often these include interest rates, whether you need the money, and refinancing affordability.



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