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Don’t Make These Accessory Mistakes

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We all have our own unique styles, and the rules f fashion are there to be broken by people who are bold enough to do so. That being said, when it comes to accessories, there are some mistakes that you should probably never make if you want to guarantee that you look good…

Wearing fakes

Many people will buy fake handbags or fake bracelets which are imitating designer brands, This is almost never a good idea if you want to look your best, because not only are most fakes very easy to spot, but they tend not to be of a very high quality at all. It is almost always better to buy a nice piece within your budget range that is its own thing and not try to imitate anything or anyone because it will almost always look better.

Not stacking

When it comes to bracelets, wearing one is perfectly fine, but if you want to outlook as stylish as possible, wearing three is better. Layering your jewelry will help to give you a more designer luxe look, and add an extra point of interest that a single piece cannot achieve.

Overdoing it

That being said, for the most part, when it comes to accessories, less is more, so if you have gone heavy n the bracelets, give the rings a miss, or if you are wearing a chunky statement necklace, maybe stick to single studs in the ears. If you load yourself up with too many accessories, you will look like you don’t know what you are doing, and your outfit will be so busy that no one will be able to pick out the cute little details.

Not matching your accessories

As I said earlier, there are exceptions to every rule, and if you really know what you are doing, choosing accessories in clashing colors, textures and styles can work well, but for most of us, most of the time, wearing matching accessories is the best way to look stylish and sophisticated. So, if you have a pink leather bag, wear pink leather shoes or if you’re sporting silver earrings, make sure your necklace is silver too and it will show that you have put some thought into accessorizing your outfits.

 Not wearing any accessories at all

Okay, so if you’re going out to walk the dog in your joggers and a plain t-shirt, you maybe don’t need to think about throwing on a statement necklace too. But if you are getting any more dressed up than that, and you want to look as put together as possible, then wearing even just one accessory will help to show you’ve made an effort and elevate your outfit above and beyond what it can do itself, So, if you have the option to wear accessories, you probably should.

If you can avoid making these common accessory mistakes, then you will always look more  stylish and put together than the average person which is exactly what accessories are for!


Mehru Khan studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of technology in New York and moved to Lahore, where she pursued a successful career in design as Head designer at a leading fashion house of couture and luxury pret. Fashion designer,stylist and a consultant Mehru is a fashion insider for Social lifestyle magazine, keeping us abreast with latest trends and events in the world of fashion, arts and culture.

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