The 3 Best Advice To Help You Get Through A Nasty Divorce

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Divorce is never easy even when you and a partner have decided to part ways in a non-aggressive way. It takes an emotional toll regardless. When you go through a nasty divorce that involves a lot of fighting and verbal attacks, it can be downright scary. It takes a plan that you can put into action to be able to get through a period like that. 

The problem is that your soon-to-be ex is going to know what buttons to push with you to throw you off balance and either try to get things to go their way or at least try to hurt your chances of a good outcome even at their expense. In this article, we will go over how you can get through this period during a nasty divorce and come out just fine. 

1 – Find the best lawyer

Having the right lawyer is going to make the biggest difference in how the divorce goes. No matter how badly your ex is behaving, the right lawyer has seen it all and won’t be unnerved by any antics. They will remain professional and stay the course when it comes to the strategy they have for winning your case. 

The type of lawyers to look for are like the Fontes Law Group divorce lawyers that have a lot of experience and know how to deal with these types of divorces. You can’t just pick a lawyer out of the phone book as you need to have people that are specialized in divorce. Not any old lawyer will have the right tools and knowledge to handle this type of case. 

Not only that, but a divorce lawyer has been around the family courts and has a lot of familiarity with the judges that work these cases. Because of this, they have information that can help them win your case since they can work in a way that they know the judge is looking for. 

It is definitely not a good idea to try to save money on a lawyer for this. A straightforward divorce can be done cheaply by a family lawyer. One that is being hotly contested is going to require a top of the line lawyer and will cost more as a result.

2 – Have your finances in order

One of the worst parts about a nasty divorce is how you can end up losing quite a bit of money. Depending on how a judge decides the case, you can end up having to give up half of your money. Some people will be tempted to hide money to avoid this number being too high. This is ill advised since if it is discovered during the proceedings that you moved money to make sure it wasn’t counted then you will end up having to hand over quite a bit more as a result. 

There is also the reality of the high cost of having to go through the divorce. Paying lawyers, court costs, and even taking time off from work to take care of things is going to add up. Make sure to set aside the money that you need to be able to pay for everything. 

If you have to borrow money then make sure you do that ahead of time. Crowdfunding to make sure you can cover the costs is also not a bad idea since you could be spending thousands of dollars to get through the process when all is said and done. 

3 – Keep your emotions in check

One of the strategies that some lawyers defending a toxic client during a divorce will use is to get you to get emotional. It is an attempt to paint a picture of you not being stable and that your ex was the one that caused the most harm in the relationship. They will push every button available to get you to lose your cool. If you do lose your temper then this could look bad before the judge. 

Make sure to not fall into that trap and maintain your composure. Let your lawyer handle a lot of the questions that would make it hard for you to stay calm. If you do need to give testimony then make sure to stay calm and deliberate with your answers. Try doing some meditation techniques beforehand so you can make sure to not get emotional and lose your temper even though you know that is what your ex and their lawyer are trying to do.

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