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Top Tips for Designing Small Bathrooms

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When space is a premium, and you’re only left with a small space for a fully functional bathroom, homeowners mustn’t fret. Although space is limited, there are specific ways to achieve a classy and luxurious bathroom without breaking the budget. In addition, even a tiny but fully functional bathroom can increase property value should the homeowner decide to sell. 

A small space can still hold the necessary fixtures to keep people hygienic. For example, a homeowner can still fit the smallest shower enclosure with a water closet and other essential fixtures to make the space entirely usable. All it takes is the proper layout and planning, and a small bathroom will feel pretty luxurious. However, if a homeowner is to implement the plan properly, they must work with an experienced contractor to ensure everything gets done right. 

Here are some tips for designing small bathrooms.

Go for neutral colors 

Whenever designing small spaces, neutral paint color schemes will work best. They make the area seem bigger and more luxurious than dark-colored paint. Coupled with contrasting colored furniture and fixtures, the space will look more sophisticated. 

Consider glass enclosures

Homeowners must also consider using glass enclosures to ensure a spacious feel. They can install a 700mm shower door and increase the privacy with smart glass. The use of glass makes the room more visible and thus makes it look bigger. 

Use multifunctional shelving and cabinetry

A small space doesn’t need to look cluttered, and a homeowner can easily make their shelving and cabinetry serve as functional accents. You can cram storage space in the small space using multifunctional pieces to make the room look much better. Finally, accentuate the area by using complementary varnishes to the wall and floor tiles. 

Install a large mirror

Another trick a homeowner must do if they have a small bathroom is to install a large mirror. This will help bring light into the room and make the space larger. This will also make the space look posher and airier and significantly elevate the ambience. 

Incorporate a medicine cabinet 

While the trend of putting a medicine cabinet in the bathroom has waned in popularity, homeowners can still incorporate it. Place the cabinet behind the mirror, and you will have a space-saving feature that’s pretty accessible and functional. 

Pick textured floor tiles

Safety should always be a priority in a bathroom. Ensure that you pick textured floor tiles to help people gain purchase and prevent accidents. Although design mavens recommend neutrals, homeowners have the option of going as bold as possible to provide additional accents to the space. 

Install enough lighting fixtures

Even a tiny space needs excellent illumination. Don’t forget to install enough lighting fixtures to keep the space well-lit. Recessed lighting for the vanity area is an option, and dimmable lights should also be an option. If installing a privacy-filmed window is possible, it should be considered to let natural light inside. 


Designing a small bathroom shouldn’t be difficult. Although there are space constraints, several factors and design tips can still be considered to ensure the space looks and feels luxurious. 

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