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Types Of Artificial Turfs

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Golf is one of the most played sports in the world. However, maintaining a golf field can be cumbersome. Besides, many more sports demand proper playing fields, and with natural grass, this is impossible. Consequently, the demand for artificial putting green grass has risen. Not only do they look excellent and lush at all times, regardless of the season or weather, but maintaining them is also not an issue.  

Synthetic green grounds are intensively used in golfing due to their thin pilings that do not restrict ball-rolling. Synthetic turf has immense maintenance and longevity benefits. 

Here is the information if you want to know the different types of turf available in the market.

Types based on the material used


Studies show homeowners waste about 200 liters of water while maintaining their yards. The requirement is higher during the summer season, where evaporation makes grass drier, and the need for frequent watering becomes a necessity. For example, homeowners in Toronto spend more than $500 on fertilizers to maintain the health of the grass. With 2346 public and private golfing clubs in Canada, Polyethylene is the next best solution for preventing wastage in Toronto.

Polyethylene artificial putting green grass creates a smoother look. They are used for various sports like football, rugby, golfing, and baseball. Polyethylene withstanding capability increases when mixed with secondary thatch made of nylon. They are non-porous and are great for pet homes. 


Nylons are incredibly resistant to extreme conditions like high temperatures and rainstorms. They maintain their shape well without losing their structure. They are widely used for golf tournaments worldwide and on home lawns. Nylon is often mixed with other materials to make it more durable.


From a financial perspective, polypropylene turfs are incredibly cheap and mimic all the properties of a nylon or polyethylene turf. However, their sturdiness is low, so that you can use them on home lawns and private parks. Polypropylene makes them less tolerant to temperatures and is prone to wear and tear. Thus, they are best suited for moderate climates due to their least resistance to heat exposure.

Types Based On Height

  • Short Blades – Turfs with less than 30 mm in height fall under this category. This height is optimal for home garden spaces where pets are involved. They are used mainly in golfing courses because longer blades do not cater to ball-rolling. 

  • Medium Blades – Fake grass ranging from 30 mm – 37 mm is categorized as medium-length. Most online stores provide medium-height products that look natural and require little to no maintenance. 

  • Long Blades – Longer synthetic blades are greater than 37 mm. Long ones are least used in home lawns due to their unnatural feel. They cannot be used for many purposes but provide great landscaping benefits. 

Why Choose Online Stores?

Online stores enable higher choice variability and offer different price ranges based on your needs. Apart from the all-pervasive benefits like convenience and accessible information, purchasing artificial grass from online shops can serve the following advantages:

  • More Features: Online supplies offer more features. You can use UV-stabilized grounds that can withstand higher temperatures and those materials with non-absorbent fiber to maintain dryness. Online stores also provide heat and frost-resistant turfs. 
  • Maintenance-Free: You will require minimum maintenance on your fake grass when purchasing from a reputable online store. The frequency of cleaning is lowered drastically, which promotes long-term use.
  • Reliable Information: Online stores substantially provide information on the products, their delivery, etc. 
  • Strength: Artificial grass provided online are durable and highly resistant, beneficial for extended use like home and golf courses.
  • Cheap: Online stores offer means for price comparison and help you make an unrepeated purchase. 


Synthetic putting green turfs are a great alternative. They are pet-friendly and can be used for many purposes like golfing, home, indoor playgrounds, parks, and many more. Those bought through online stores provide hyper-realistic design and feel and can be incredibly beneficial in the long run.


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