What are some preventive services provided by a dentist?

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The residents of Mission Viejo take their dental health pretty seriously. And even though most of the population follows good oral hygiene, problems exist. 

For instance, statistics show that around 9% of adults in the city (including Orange County) suffer from periodontal diseases, while 36% reported having a history of total tooth loss. Furthermore, about 47% of kindergarten students and 55% of third-graders in Orange County and Mission Viejo have untreated tooth decay. 

Suppose tooth pain is causing you sleepless nights. In that case, it’s vital to contact a Mission Viejo dentist as soon as possible because these usually indicate an underlying decay, rot, or an infection. The dentist will check the tooth, take x-rays, and may suggest procedures such as a root canal to save the tooth. 

Sometimes, you require a dentist for emergency cases, for example, a loose cap or wisdom tooth removal. It helps to have a dentist near you who can provide urgent treatment.

So what are some preventive dental services that a dentist in Mission Viejo offers, and what are their benefits? Read on to get the answers below. 

Types of services they provide

New patient exams

These refer to services that your dentist provides during your first visit. During the visit, they will go through your dental and medical history forms, take X-rays of your teeth and examine your mouth, devise an effective treatment plan, and perform routine teeth cleaning, including polishing and assessing your teeth and gums.

It is better to arrive at the dentist’s office 15 minutes before your appointment to complete the necessary paperwork. Even though the city of Mission Viejo usually has light traffic throughout the year, leaving your house in a few minutes will ensure that you arrive on time.

Emergency care 

According to a report, the cost of emergency room visits for dental conditions in California, including Mission Viejo in Orange County, is about 289 per 100,000 people. Most of these were because of dental caries and pulp lesions.

As mentioned earlier, you might require emergency care for various conditions, including removal of wisdom teeth, several tooth/teeth pain, broken jaw, critical cosmetic repair, swelling, and chipped teeth. 

Before choosing a dentist, you must ask them about their rules and regulations regarding emergency services because treating these on time helps avoid costly and invasive procedures. 

Root canals

Statistics show that about 55% of adults aged 18 years and older in California and Mission Viejo in Orange County experience tooth decay. Almost 16.9% of kindergartens and 15% of third-grade children experience tooth decay in Mission Viejo. 

When ignored or left untreated, tooth decay results in complete tooth loss, pain, and, worst of all, infections. Sometimes cavities may not hurt, but the pain can become unbearable later when the infection reaches the pulp or if the tooth fractures. 

Root canals are necessary when a cavity (caused by a decay in the tooth) reaches your tooth’s nerve. The procedure helps prevent infection and save a tooth instead of removing it. 

The procedure consists of several steps, including administering anesthesia, cleaning the roots, shaping and filling the root canals, healing and antibiotics course, and placing the crown. 

What types of sedatives do dentists provide?

Most dentists in Mission Viejo administer sedation. Also known as conscious sedation, you will respond purposefully to verbal commands and generally breathe without facing any difficulty.  

It would help if you visited a Mission Viejo dentist as soon as you experience the first symptoms of tooth decay or bleeding gums, the appearance of black spots, or sensitivity. The dentist will identify the problem, suggest a treatment plan, and ensure you are comfortable throughout the process. 


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