What Should You Hunt as a Beginner?

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Hunting is an exciting challenge and opportunity for adventure. Beginners are eager to get out and find their first opportunity to test their skills. However, you don’t want to get in over your head when it comes to beginning hunting trips. Instead, discover what you should hunt as a beginner to test out and hone your skills for the bigger game.

Let’s Talk Turkey

When people hear about turkeys, they often imagine a holiday meal surrounded by trimmings. However, beginning hunters often find turkey is a great first-time hunting excursion. Often turkeys are in wooded areas, so you will want to dress in camouflage clothing and get a turkey call to attract them. Learn all about turkey hunting for a successful beginner trip that ends in a meal everyone wants to share while you talk about your hunting adventures.

Think About Pheasant

Another tasty bird is the pheasant, which also inspires a beginner to learn to hunt. Plus, pheasants are one of the easiest birds to hunt, helping to boost a beginner’s confidence to go further in the future. While some birds are best hunted alone, pheasant is perfect for hunters who want to go with a group. Also, inviting more experienced friends is an excellent way to learn more about hunting pheasant and get one yourself. 

Just Ducky

Beginners often hunt for ducks, which travel in groups and make a mouth-watering meal. Because ducks travel together, patience and the right gun setup could mean getting more than one, which can be a serious inspiration for beginners. Also, duck hunting does not mean being completely silent, which is difficult for first-time hunters with questions. If you want to chat with friends and talk about hunting tips, duck hunting makes it possible without scaring off your target.

That Silly Rabbit

While images of cartoon hunters and rabbits might come to mind, rabbits are an excellent choice for beginner hunters who want a challenge. Rabbits are easy to find and fast, making them a challenging yet attainable game for beginning hunters who want the adventure of a chase. Also, rabbits provide tasty meat to inspire beginners to get out and get one to serve for dinner. Consider bringing a dog, which can be an excellent way to hunt for rabbits successfully.

Raccoon Eyes

Nobody wants to see raccoon eyes around the garbage can at night, but they are an easy choice for beginner hunters. Plus, they are often thieves, and hunting raccoons helps prevent them from wrecking gardens and nests. A beginner hunter can easily get a raccoon for an instant confidence boost. Also, many others will be glad to eliminate some of the raccoons that were knocking over the local garbage cans.

Do the Research

Beginning hunting trips are adventurous and full of possibilities. Always do research and be well-prepared before going out in the field. Create a checklist and review it with other hunters to ensure you have everything necessary. Knowing what to bring and expect helps set you up for success on your first hunting trip.

Hunting offers opportunities for challenges, adventures, and a delicious meal at the end of the day. Beginning hunters have many easy options and offer a fair chase. Discover how fun it can be to hunt for turkey and more in the great outdoors!

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