What to Wear to a Wedding? Top Tips

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Have you received a wedding invitation? Do you know what to wear? These top tips could save you the embarrassment of showing up to a wedding wearing the wrong clothes. 

Showing up to a wedding wearing the wrong outfit is a nightmare for most. It happens far more frequently than you might think. Worse than potentially upsetting a bride, you have those photos to think about. People who wear bad clothing in wedding photos ruin the memories of the big day forever. If you don’t want to ruin someone’s wedding, then follow these style tips for dressing for that big day.

What NOT to Wear to a Wedding

Let’s start this article on wedding outfit advice by listing a few things we shouldn’t wear to a wedding. Here are some fashion faux pas to avoid.

The White Dress

Don’t you dare show up to a wedding in a white dress. There are horror stories floating around the internet about mother-of-the-grooms showing up in white dresses, or of ex-girlfriends showing up dressed in a wedding dress. Don’t do any of these things. Avoid the white dress altogether. Step away from that rack and look at some color.

T-shirts, Trainers, or Jeans

Martha Stewart herself says that wearing any of the above to the wedding is a good enough reason for the loving couple to kick your out. Avoid sneakers unless the bride has told you otherwise. Bridal trainers are big this year. 

Inappropriate Coverage

It’s fine to grab the boob tube and the mini skirt if you are heading to the club. However, showing too much flesh at a wedding is in extremely poor taste. 

What to Wear to Look Good at a Wedding

Take whatever advice the bride gives you to heart. She will plan her bridal party dresses to match her (or their) theme and color choice. If she says you can dress how you please, she means that you can dress how you please within the context of a wedding. Here are some top tips for wearing the right thing.

For Men

If you want to look your best, you need four things. You need a flashy watch that matches your outfit and a tailored suit – it can be a cheap suit if it you have it tailored. You also need a good haircut and some polished shoes. Outside of this, you can’t go wrong. Add a thick, high-quality shirt, and a nice bow tie or tie. You can add a waistcoat too for extra class.

For Women

You can’t really go wrong with a floor length, flowing dress. If the wedding is outdoors in high summer and less formal, then any kind of cocktail dress will meet the brief. High heeled shoes are necessary unless you have mobility issues. Women can wear a suit too, there is nothing wrong with that. 

The top tip that overrides all wedding clothes is this: It should be formal and thoughtful. Your outfit reflects the wedding party, so choose your colors carefully. You don’t want to be uninvited to the anniversary dinner. 


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