Getting Assistance with a Mobility Shower

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As people grow older, they require more assistance. For those people with mobility issues, bathing can be difficult or risky. Most bathrooms have shower stalls installed over bathtubs. While a combination bathtub and shower are convenient for agile people, it is difficult for seniors and those with mobility issues to use them. If there are senior members or someone in the family who has problems with mobility, consider renovating your bathroom and installing a walk-in bathtub.

Mobility issues

Several circumstances can make it difficult for someone to take a shower or bath unassisted. Some examples are age, disabilities, and illnesses. Fortunately, walk in baths offer a viable solution to reduce the risk of slips and falls. The bathroom fixture also provides a comfortable and safe bathing experience for the users and carers.

Benefits of a walk-in bath installation 

Do not think a walk-in bath is a common and simple bathroom fixture. They are created by designers and engineers and follow current trends. Thus, they are modern and stylish and can fit your bathroom’s interior and other features. You can discuss your requirements with a reputable supplier of bathroom products to find the most appropriate walk-in bath or walk in bath shower to match the accessibility needs of your family members.

The unit has several features to provide convenience and comfort to the user. Here are other benefits.

Additional safety 

A walk-in bath has non-slip surfaces. The tub’s wall has an easy-to-open door that seals and makes the bath into watertight equipment. The built-in seat allows the user to sit comfortably while bathing, eliminating pressure on their feet and leg muscles by allowing them to relax. Also, the entry or threshold is very low, so the bather only needs to lift their feet about three inches from the bathroom floor.

Helps in pain management

The reclining position in a standard tub may be difficult to maintain when a person has mobility proems or injuries. A walk-in bath is more suitable for people who need to manage their pain, such as people with arthritis. The tub is easier to enter, and the built-in seat is higher, allowing the person to sit down more comfortably, minimizing the stress on the leg and lower back muscles from the act of lowering the body into a sitting position. 

Boosts relaxation 

If the walk-in bath is equipped with jets for hydrotherapy, the user can be more relaxed. The force of the water from the jets can soothe aching muscles and relieve pain and stress. Sitting in the walk-in bath and allowing the jets to massage the person’s body can also help lower their blood pressure. 

Gives older people some independence

Some older people have no choice but to seek assistance, even if they want to preserve their dignity. Using a walk-in bath gives them some independence. They can enter and get out of a walk-in bath or shower unassisted and take a bath on their own. 

Check the features of the walk-in bath, and compare designs and prices before you decide. More importantly, consider the needs of the person who will use the bathtub.

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