The pros and cons of dating a widower

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See the pros and cons of dating a widower if you plan to have a relationship with a widower. Learn more about all the nuances. 

You will hardly meet plenty of widowers in real life. All over the world, there is a very high divorce rate and you are likely to start a relationship with someone divorced rather than widowed. However, there are plenty of widowers who need to keep living their lives and build a new relationship. You never know who you meet actually — a single, divorced, or widowed man. 

Dating a divorced man is not that difficult. It has certain peculiarities though. If you met a widower and have some concerns, check the information below and see what the pros and cons of dating a widower are. In general, there is nothing special in it. You just need to take into account his bad experience not to insult him accidentally. 

Why is it good to date a widower?

Lots of women would argue on that matter, dating widowers has certain benefits. These people already have some life and family life experience and know more or less what to expect from a relationship and how to solve different issues. 

A widower:

  • Knows what it means being married;
  • Can cope with difficulties;
  • Is very committed;
  • Is quite strong emotionally. 

After experiencing the loss of a partner, widowers learn how to cope with life difficulties, know what commitment is, and become much stronger. Therefore, if you are concerned that a widower might not be as strong as you need and is pretty vulnerable, these concerns can be dispatched. Of course, it depends on the particular person. As for pros and cons of dating a widower, some of them are really weak and depressed. But in general, widowers know life very well. They often raise children on their own and know the meaning of responsibility. 

The drawbacks of dating a widower

“You will face a lot of unique challenges when seeing a widower, so patience is what you need right now.” (source Although it seems that nothing can spoil a good image of widowers, everyone who experienced the loss of a life partner is not the same person as before. Everything depends on whether this person was happy with his late spouse or not. If there was a strong bond between them, it would be very difficult to forget about his wife and start a new fulfilled life with someone else. 

Of course, everything depends on each particular case. Not all widowers, as well as not all divorced people are the same. People are very different and take each situation differently. Despite all pros and cons of dating a widower, you cannot judge each widower the same way. However, the following red flags and issues are most likely to happen on the path of everyone dating a widower. 

You might be tired to listen about his late wife

It is normal for widowers to talk about their late spouses. They might not recover from their loss soon and it definitely takes a lot of time, keep that in mind when considering pros and cons of dating a widower. They can mention their wives every time when you do not expect or want it. Do not think that a widower is doing it on purpose. This is just a part of his trauma and it is very difficult to forget someone you loved but lost. 

If you are not ready to hear about her from time to time, it is better not to start this relationship at all. Those memories are not limited to conversations only. When visiting him at his place, you will most likely see the photos of his late spouse. They might not be all over the house but you will see them. 

You do not have to be offended or mad because of that. Moreover, you should not tell him to remove those photos. Be understanding and respectful. This is a part of his life and he will not get rid of it easily. Especially if they have common children. The memory about their mother will always be present in his life. 

He might be looking for the mother for his kids

In the light of pros and cons of dating a widower, it is not really bad. If someone loses his wife and raises children on his own, he will be looking for a new mother of his children. Unfortunately, not all women are ready to cope with that. Not everyone wants to be chosen for the position of a mother at once. 

If you are single and have no children but date a widower who has kids, you should be understanding as well. Do not be scared of meeting his children. If he insists on it too soon, this should be a red flag for you. If this concerns you too much, you should not continue this relationship then. It is better for widowers to date someone who experienced the same pain than proving something to others. 

On Datingserviceusa, you may learn even more useful tips on how to start a relationship with a widower correctly and use pros and cons of dating a widower to your advantage. If you are looking for a suitable match after losing your partner, this is the right platform with plenty of choices and advice. 

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