An Essential Guide To Buying Pre-Owned Designer Shoes

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Given the recession and economic turmoil, luxury brands retain their prices because they’re most likely immune to inflation and changes in price structures. And so, customers continue to purchase these products without fearing that their value will decrease. If you’re looking to invest in luxury shoes but don’t want to break the bank for brand-new models, the next best option is to go for pre-loved ones.  

You’ll find designer shoes with little to no wear and tear by searching thoroughly. Purchasing secondhand designer shoes seems more practical, especially if you don’t mind wearing pre-loved items. However, choosing a reputable store like CSD Store and other online pre-owned stores that only sell quality secondhand luxury shoes is necessary. With many counterfeits and high-end imitations of brands these days, it’s best to purchase from reputable stores.  

Before buying any pre-owned luxury branded shoes, consider the following tips:  

  • Decide Where To Buy  

When you’ve decided that it’s more practical to buy pre-loved shoes than brand-new ones, the primary thing to do is to decide where to buy them. Several thrift and consignment stores sell used shoes. It’s best to choose a vendor or supplier with a good track record and who has been in the luxury industry for many years. Moreover, you can read online reviews to guarantee that all their products are authentic and in good quality and condition.   

Some other places that allow you to find great pre-loved shoes are garage sales and public auctions. Other businesses also make use of social media for their business. However, when you buy from these outlets, you need to conduct further quality and condition reviews for the shoes you want. Some sellers might post the original version of the shoes but might ship you a knock-off quality. So take your time deciding which store to buy your pre-loved designer shoes from.  

  • Review Size And Fit  

Regarding footwear, the fit is everything, especially since you won’t be able to wear or alter them if they don’t fit your feet right. If unsure of the size, you can ask for a picture with all the shoes’ details. Likewise, you can ask for a photo of the entire label with size and brand or model name if possible.

Measure your feet beforehand and take note of your foot size before adding any pre-loved shoes to your cart. Also, it would be wise to fit the shoes in actual if possible. However, if you’re transacting online, you can search their website to check if they have a physical store. If so, it’s best to visit their shop, fit your choice of shoes, and purchase them online later. In case of any questions regarding fit or additional photos, do not hesitate to message the seller.  

Never assume that the shoes fit when the sizes don’t match. It’s a waste of money if you force yourself to buy pre-loved designer shoes with a half to one-inch difference. To get the most from your purchase, prioritize the size and fit.   

  • Examine Their Condition  

Quality is everything when it comes to purchasing luxury items. Before paying for pre-loved shoes, it’s best to do the following:

  • Go over their condition thoroughly first.
  • Look at its overall condition, every aspect and detail of the shoes.
  • Examine the photos and zoom in to study the product extensively.  

Check the shoe parts, see if there are scratches, stains, or marks, and measure how bad these are. Look at their stitches and hems too. See if the imperfections are too little to tolerate, and consider if they’re worth the money based on these conditions.   

Don’t forget to ask for photos of their soles too. This is the part that often tells how used the shoes are. If the heels are uneven, you may consider repairing them. But be sure to be able to haggle the shoe price according to its current condition.  

  • Stick To Familiar Brands  

Brands you already know are always a good choice if you want to purchase pre-loved pairs. Since you know your size, it’s a good bet, and you could find something you missed out on last time. You can be sure that the shoes will fit you since you’ve already owned some pairs from the same brand. 

When you purchase pre-loved designer shoes from your favorite brand, there’s no need to take as many risks as purchasing from an unfamiliar brand. Buying from the same brand means having an idea regarding their quality and craftsmanship.   

  • Be Familiar With Their Actual Value  

Finally, it’s worth noting to research the shoes’ actual value. In doing so, you’ll better assess whether the pre-loved price is reasonable based on its current market price. Check other reselling sites and find out the shoes’ price range.  

Discover the difference between purchasing new models and pre-loved ones. If the model is still available in new stocks and the price difference is not much, it would be best to buy new ones since you can resell designer shoes for high returns later.  


Purchasing designer shoes don’t need to be an overwhelming experience when you know the right steps to take. You can use this article as a guide for your next pre-loved designer shoe purchase. Find out where and how used shoes are sold, and get the right size for your feet. Lastly, stay away from stores that sell counterfeits.   


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