Are You Truly Ready to Bring a Dog Home?

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Bringing a dog into your home is a huge responsibility and a dog will completely change your family’s dynamic if you have one. They can bring a lot of joy to you and your children can be a great addition to virtually any household, but you need to be ready for the work that comes with raising and taking care of a dog. You also need to know some of the costs associated with them and know whether you have the temperament to be a dog owner too. Let’s take a look at a few questions you should ask yourself before you buy or adopt a dog.

What’s the Best Breed for My Household?

One of the first things you will have to consider is the particularities of your household and whether it would be a suitable place for the type of dog you want, or any dog for that matter. Some breeds require much more space, for instance, while some other dogs can be very bad if you have children. And don’t assume that you can tell just by looking at their size, or even worse, their cuteness.

Some people assume, for instance, that chihuahuas are great for children because of how small they are, but they can get extremely aggressive and dangerous for children. Or you have people who assume that huskies are nice because of how they look. But huskies can be very moody and are meant to live in the wild, so don’t assume them to be affectionate. Instead, do your research on any breed, and also check if certain breeds are better for first-time owners. 

Is My House Dog Ready?

You should also know that you can’t bring a dog into your house just like that. Pet proofing a home is very important for their safety and if you want to keep your home in one piece. Look at the steps you’ll need to take to dog-proof your home and consider that you may have to dedicate a room specifically for them.

How Am I Going to Feed Them?

You should also start learning about how to feed a dog properly and how you intend to feed them. This will allow you to calculate your estimated food costs, and avoid major mistakes once you welcome them in. Dogs have lots of food restrictions and certain dogs have even stricter restrictions than others, so you will need to research what those are before you start feeding them.

Some foods can also be safe in certain forms but not in others, like pumpkin, for instance. Can dogs eat pumpkin? Yes, but feeding your dog pumpkin will require you to take some serious precautions. The pumpkin should be cooked ideally, and if you are wondering if dogs can eat pumpkin seeds, the answer is also yes, but they have to be roasted properly and only eaten in small amounts.

So, start learning about different restrictions right now and make sure that you visit a vet with your dog and ask them about dietary restrictions with them as soon as possible.

Another thing you should know is that you won’t be raising a very happy or healthy dog if you only feed them kibble. Most brands found in the grocery store are made from subpar ingredients and can lead to all sorts of diseases and disorders over time. So, you’ll need to look for premium dog food suppliers and calculate this into your budget.

Can I Afford a Dog?

Speaking of budgets, do you think you have the finances to handle a dog right now? Dog ownership can get very expensive, and if you don’t think about things like dog insurance and healthcare, then you may underestimate how much you can actually expect to spend.

At the lower end, owning a dog will cost you around $800 to $1000, but you could end up spending much more if the dog requires emergency care. So, be very careful about that, especially if you are thinking of adopting a dog who may have recurring health issues.

What About Traveling?

You also have to know that traveling will become a bit more complicated if you have a dig. Bringing the dog with you will not always be an option, so you might have to look at dog-sitting services and factor them into your total costs. And, if you want to bring the dog with you, you will have to consider travel costs and find pet-friendly accommodation. 

Make sure that all of these questions have been answered before you get a dog and get as much information as you can about what it truly means to be a dog owner before you become one. This will allow you to avoid any nasty surprises and provide your dog with the best environment for its development.

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