Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids About the Importance of Easter

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Easter is among the most important Christian holidays, enabling people worldwide to celebrate the significance of the ultimate sacrifice. While adults know and understand the importance of Easter, it can be challenging to help children understand it. It is easy to feel pressured when they ask why we celebrate Easter, especially if you are facing the situation for the first time.

However, you can do it with the help of great Easter books, a simple approach to the story, and similar aids. This way, you can easily teach your child about Jesus without being religious or boring them with long stories. Also, they will remember the story long after, which might foster their interest in knowing more about God.

Here are a few proven tips to get you started.

Keep it simple:

Children are easily distracted and will only remember the basics. So, don’t feel like you have to explain every detail of the story. Plus, if you expand on it later, they will be able to put more pieces together.

Use your kids’ interests as a guide for where to start talking about Easter. For instance, you can stress more on the resurrection than the suffering at the cross for younger kids who might need help understanding the concept. Having them join a Sunday school will also help, enabling them to connect with their peers and learn together.

Tell the story in your own words:

How you explain the Easter story depends on your children’s ages and their familiarity with the Bible. With younger children, use simple words and phrases and simplify concepts. For example, you could explain how Jesus was born in a stable because there wasn’t enough room for him at the inn.

Also, Mary wrapped him in swaddling clothes because she had nothing else. You can use more complex words with older children when talking about Easter Sunday.

Make Easter eggs a part of the celebrations:

Easter eggs are a fun and super easy way to get kids involved in the celebration. Once you have found some eggs, let them help hide them for an egg hunt. Ensure there are enough eggs so everyone has a chance to find one. You could even take things up a notch by having different colored baskets for each child or giving each child their own basket.

Alternatively, you can skip the traditional plastic toys with chocolate and other treats inside and make something from scratch with your children’s help. Baking Easter-themed cookies is a fun way to keep the learning experience alive.

Find Easter-themed books for your kids to read:

There are plenty of Easter books for kids that can explain in simple and exciting ways the significance of the day. You can find them in online Christian bookstores at affordable rates, ranging from $6 to $11 and upwards, depending on the theme, cover type, and other details. Also, there is a range of descriptive books to picture-focused ones, and you can choose what suits your child best based on age, grasping ability, and other criteria.

Ideally, it is best to buy from a website that provides various options for children, such as Bible stores, coloring books, beginner’s guides to the gospel reading, and much more. Finally, they also allow you to sign up for regular email alerts on the latest releases for children and adults, allowing you to add diverse Christian literature to your wish list.


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