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If we’re talking about hairstyle trends, nothing is ever really out. With that said, there are looks that come and go — especially when it comes to hair color. A new season brings new trends and fresh ways to cut, color and highlight hair. Nina is the owner of 5th Ave Hair Studio and is a beautiful woman who stays on top of the trends and uses her talent when it comes to servicing her unisex clients. She’s honest with her clients and customizes looks that will only enhance their beauty, a reflection of her work.  

Beauty and fashion continue to be a passion for her, and she loves to make her clients look as attractive as possible.  It takes a lot of honesty as she customizes a look that will only enhance their appearance leaving them happier then when they first walked through her door. 

I was glad to see the salon so busy, but Nina did share how the business changed. “Business has changed post covid in two ways. Many of our clients moved out and made the mad exit to Florida but the regulars who have stayed, still come to see us. We have gained new clients that have moved into the area, as well as constant referrals bringing in a new flow of people.  It’s exciting to meet new people and see how happy they’re with our work.  Our regulars are lifers and are very supportive.” Gaining new clients is always a good thing since it brings a new set of people to work on and make happy. Heading into the holiday season, Nina has seen a big uptick in clients. People are going out more and are excited to go on with their lives and to have a sense of normalcy again. It’s nice to share in their excitement and help them look and feel beautiful while they go on dates, out with friends, holiday parties, etc.” Yes, we are all glad to get our lives back. 

I was very curious to hear what the new trend in hairstyles these days. “Many of our clients are still into shoulder length hair and then some are going for what is always trending, the bob cut which never goes out of style. We have people asking for extensions as they love the holiday hair and for some, they want to brighten their hair as they get ready for the holiday beach vacations. This keeps us very busy working with many colors and styles. Brunettes are trending right now, so we are working with the mocha and chocolate tones with a touch of low lights. Blondes are always in style and shall I say, trendsetters. This certainly isn’t written in stone, but I do keep up with the runway looks, magazines, and of course, social media to stay relevant.”

Well with all the coloring, how should your clients and those who color their hair keep it healthy? “I always suggest using clarifying shampoo to clean the scalp and remove the build up from products and it is always best to use sulfate and carbon free shampoos and conditioner with a protective serum before you blow dry your hair. This will certainly help protect the hair and keep it strong.”

Our world is obsessed with celebrities, and we know that they’re quite the rave right now. Who are your clients asking about these days? “Yes, there are many popular celebrities right now that people are coming in and asking for their specific cut and color. The popular celebrities that I’m usually asked about are Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Lopez. My clients love these two beautiful stars and want to replicate their look. The blondes love the natural balayage of Jennifer Anniston and the brunettes love Jennifer Lopez and of course, her entire package.   Giselle’s look is always trending and even more so since she’s been in the media daily.” 

To keep with the holiday spirit which charities do you support and how are you spending the holidays? “I love supporting as many as I can. I’m partial to St. Jude, enCourage Kids Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, and families in the Ukraine. I’m planning on spending the holidays with my loved ones and I look forward to a fantastic 2023!

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