5 Ways to Start Your Day with Health in Mind

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How often have you planned to do something healthy the next day but then you never found the time to actually do it? This happens to people every day. Being healthy is an important goal and can contribute to a longer and happier life. Unfortunately, many of us don’t see health as a top priority, so when the day gets busy, those activities can be one of the first things to disappear from the schedule. 

What can you do to overcome this issue? The other responsibilities that pile up cannot be just forgotten, stuff needs to get done! The best thing you can do to prioritize your health is to adjust your morning routine.

Starting the day with health in mind is a great practice for promoting wellness. Before the mountain of tasks falls on your shoulders, the morning presents an opportunity to invest in the things that matter, primarily your health. If you have health in mind during your morning routine, then you can be confident that you will keep this aspect of life a priority by getting it out of the way early. Plus, if you wake up and immediately practice healthy behaviors, you are more likely to take further steps throughout the day toward wellness. Here are five ways to start your day with health in mind.

Go for a Morning Walk

For some, the idea of waking up even earlier to go outside and walk sounds horrible, especially if they are not morning people. But this practice can have significant health benefits, many of which you might miss out on if you end up canceling plans to walk later in the day because of a busy schedule. A morning walk can improve your mood as the day begins, get your heart rate up, increase your energy for the day, and help you prevent weight gain. Even a 15-minute brisk walk each morning will benefit your physical and mental health, preparing you for a successful rest of the day. Find a route that provides some pleasant scenery, grab the dog if you have one, and start your day with movement.

Prepare a Fruit Smoothie

Breakfast is a crucial meal because it awakens your body’s digestive system after a night of sleep. Busy individuals often choose convenience over health with their breakfast, opting for cereal or boring old toast. If you want to take charge of the day with a healthy breakfast, then you should jump onto the fruit smoothie train. You can pack a huge portion of the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables into a delicious smoothie in the morning. Plus, you can toss in other healthy ingredients like oats to add some variety to the drink. Although it may take longer to prepare than a bowl of cereal, you can bring this drink on the go, so it can make up that time easily. 

Bask in the Morning Sun

This does not mean trying to get a tan before the day begins. But sunlight can be extremely beneficial for your mood, and direct sunlight can initiate vitamin D development in the skin. Either option can promote wellness to start your day. Take ten minutes to read a book for pleasure near a sunny window to relax your mind and get you ready for the day. If it is warm enough, head out onto the deck or in a hammock while doing so to soak in that sun. This feeling can be very refreshing and improve your mental health.

Take a Supplement

A healthy diet is necessary because it provides the body with vitamins and minerals. Did you know that there are products that you can pair with a balanced diet to increase your nutrient levels? Taking a supplement for vitamins and/or minerals in the morning is a great way to promote optimum cellular health with additional nutrients. By doing this in the morning, you can shift your mindset to focus on supporting health throughout the day.  

Listen to an Educational Podcast

Developing yourself is another way to promote health. When you are learning new skills or facts, you are engaging your mind in a way that will improve its faculties and reduce the effects of decline with age. An engaged mind is an active mind. By listening to podcasts that educate you in the morning, you are exercising your brain to start the day. If you have an interest in business ownership, you could listen to podcasts about essential tools for entrepreneurs during your commute. If you love history, find a history buff podcast to enjoy learning while you eat breakfast. There are plenty of educational podcasts out there, so find something that helps your mind grow each morning to promote long-term mental health.  

Change Your Morning Routine One Step at a Time

When you have a set rhythm, it can be irritating to change it all at once. These behaviors that put health at the front of your mind should not be adopted immediately and all at the same time. For the first few weeks, try just making one change to your morning. Then, if it feels right, add another one of these activities. By changing your routine one step at a time, it will be easier to adopt more behaviors that prioritize health before the rest of your day gets moving.


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