6 Items for Mastering the Feminine Aesthetic

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While there are no rules to fashion and lifestyle these days, many people still prefer a highly feminine aesthetic. Some people may currently dress as a tomboy but yearn to start styling themselves more femininely and need help figuring out where to start. Whether you’re looking to up your femininity with your current style or you’re completely transforming your style to a more feminine aesthetic, keep reading for the most important tips to master the feminine aesthetic that works for everyone. 

Feminine Neutrals 

The feminine aesthetic doesn’t have to be defined by wearing only pink and chiffon, but keeping things in beautiful and feminine neutrals is essential. Examples of feminine neutrals are beige, white, tan, and blue pinks. YOu can do a powder or pastel, but your wardrobe base should be above mentioned neutrals. While you can still add pops of color, the mastered feminine, and elegant aesthetic would incorporate these through accessories, shoes, and beauty products instead. 

Camel Coats 

Camel coats have been a staple in the fashion world for decades, but they’re essential in the modern, feminine aesthetic. They can be worn year-round, from chillier spring mornings to all through the winter and holiday season. These camel-colored mid-length coats keep you stylish and warm and match with your favorite linen dresses, high waisted trousers and work well with the romantic, feminine color palette of the rest of your wardrobe.

Romantic Perfumes Speaking of beauty products, no outfit is complete with a spritz or two of your favorite perfume or cologne. A romantic perfume is your best bet if you’re mastering the feminine aesthetic. While romantic may seem subjective, romantic perfumes typically have powder or floral notes as their main highlights. Some popular romantic scents worth sampling or investing in are Tresor by Lancome, Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, or Love in White by Creed. Remember, you should spray perfume on your body after showering, not directly on your clothing or hair – it’s never a good look to be overpowering with your fragrance. 

A-Line Midi Skirts 

While fashion trends come and go, one feminine aesthetic wardrobe piece that has been in style for nearly a hundred years is the high-waisted A-Line midi skirt. This style is flattering on virtually any body type and screams femininity. It’s great for twirling, and since it hits your calf, it’s timeless and modern. Opt for a skirt in a neutral color so it will pair with all the tops in your wardrobes, from beautifully embellished blouses to simple cotton t-shirts.

Knit Cardigans 

While the feminine aesthetic was celebrated and embodied in the fifties, that doesn’t mean you have to have a retro vibe to your look – but you need one of their staples – the knit cardigan. You can opt for a chunkier knit to keep things more current with wooden buttons or go preppier with a thinner, lighter-weight cardigan in a blush or pastel color. Whatever suits your existing style is fine, but a knit cardigan is a romantic and feminine way to stay comfortable during temperature fluctuations and seasonal changes. The great thing about cardigans is they’re small enough to still be worn under coats but form to your body enough to show off your figure. Something that the mastered feminine aesthetic is all about. 

Basic Bodysuits 

With so much of the feminine wardrobe revolving around high-waisted skirts, trousers, and jeans, basic bodysuits are essential to rounding out your look. Bodysuits are one area of your wardrobe where you can branch out from romantic and feminine neutrals and showcase your edgier side, even if it airs on romantic. Bodysuits with puff sleeves and embellishments like pearls or embroidery complement your desired aesthetic. 

When it comes to the feminine aesthetic, you can put your spin on it with accessories like leather belts, white slip-on sneakers on neutral brown leather boots. You can add a black leather motorcycle jacket to still fit the feminine aesthetic. There are no hard rules, but the above items are essential elements to create a solid foundation for the modern romantic and feminine aesthetic. Style is personal, so stay true to yourself, but this timeless look can work for many people. 

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