7 Subtle Ways Depression Can Affect You

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When depression strikes, it becomes the biggest problem in your life. There is no ignoring it, and you can’t take a break to get a breather. To figure out a solution to depression, it’s important to understand how it affects your mental state. 

1. Work

Depression treatment is recommended when time at work becomes unstable. Instead of a normal workday, it becomes a stress filled marathon. You constantly look at the clock until quitting time, yet the time moves at a snail’s pace. Every interaction during work becomes a hassle, and by the time you get home there is no energy for other tasks. 

2. Relationships

Being in a relationship while depressed is hard. Your partner has to realize and accept your shortcomings. And you have to acknowledge the depression, or face a situation where your partner may get fed up. The emotional rollercoaster of depression wears out the other person in the relationship when there is hard denial about the condition. 

3. Parenting

Kids have their own emotional rollercoaster, but that is relating to growing and learning. When a parent can’t keep it together, children will fail to learn the positive side of life. They continually see their guardian in a state of depression, and will in time adopt the same attitude. This is an unhealthy life lesson that can be quite tricky to not pass on. 

4. Hobbies

High energy hobbies like sports, dancing or martial arts are great for the mind and body. When you’re depressed, failure to improve in a hobby will sap you of all energy. That means you won’t celebrate small milestones, or take steps to get better by trying something different. Improvement takes time for everyone, but for a depressed person it can seem like ages. 

5. Anxiety

Anxiety and depression go together more than you think. That feeling of ‘all is lost’ is all too common when a situation is bearing down on your head. When anxiety runs its course through your body, depression takes over and makes it seem like you’re at fault. That makes every interaction with another person a potential disaster in the making. 

6. Defeatism

Defeatism is one of the hardest things to self-identify with depression. It’s smart to move on when things get tough, but depression makes you give up sooner than needed. Finding the balance between trying when it makes sense and defeatism is a thin line. If you work too hard against it and fail, then the depression will be amplified by lack of success.

7. Procrastination

Millions are procrastinators without the extra weight of being depressed. Depression has a special relationship with procrastination since it guarantees no forward progress. The longer you put things off, the worse you feel about not getting things done. This works double-time mentally when depression is involved, leading to a domino effect of emotions. When the hole gets too big, procrastination is the accelerant that will absolutely lead to severe depression. 

Stay Strong

Coping with depression requires a positive outlook. When you understand how it touches every part of your life, dealing with it becomes much easier. Take control of your thoughts, and the hardest part of the condition will be out of the way.


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