How Newly Single Parents Can Prioritize Self-Care

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As a newly-single parent, the idea of self-care might seem daunting and overwhelming – after all, you have a family to take care of and perhaps little free time or energy. 

However, prioritizing your own self care is essential in order to be able to provide loving care for those who count on you. 

Taking proper care of yourself can keep stress levels low, ensuring that everyone around you has the support they need. In this blog post, we’ll explore why newly single parents should prioritize self-care and share tips on how it can be done.

What is Self-Care?

Self care is an important part of mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It is about taking the time to recognize your needs and finding ways to meet them in healthy, fulfilling ways. 

Self care can take many forms – from getting enough sleep and exercise to making sure you have time for leisure activities like reading or playing a game with family.

It’s also about recognizing when you are feeling overwhelmed and taking steps to address it, whether that be journaling, talking to a friend, or even seeking professional help. Ultimately, self care is about nurturing yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Why Self-Care is Important as a Single Parent

Taking care of yourself is essential if you’re a single parent. With no partner around to share the responsibilities involved in raising one or more children, it can seem impossible to find time to take care of yourself. But prioritizing self-care is essential; not only will it benefit your own health, but it can also help you cope with the stress of single parenthood and achieve a better balance between your professional and family life. 

Specifically, making sure that you’re getting enough sleep, regular exercise and meals during the day can make all the difference when it comes to improved energy level and productivity at home or in the workplace. You also need to ensure that you are attending appointments with primary care doctors who are there to take care of your health. You want to make sure that self-care is something you do often enough to make it worth it and checkups and appointments are never something to be ignored. You cannot pour from an empty cup, right? As important as it is for parents to provide for their children, be sure that you aren’t overlooking yourself. A little bit of TLC each day can go a long way.

As important as it is for parents to provide for their children, be sure that you aren’t overlooking yourself. A little bit of TLC each day can go a long way.

What Happens When You Neglect Your Self-Care?

​​Failing to take care of ourselves can have more of an impact than we realize. With the majority of our lives being filled up by work, family, and other commitments it can be easy to forget about taking time to look after ourselves. 

However, having good self-care habits is not just important for our physical health but also benefits our mental health too. Neglecting our own needs can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety and depression since we are running on empty and lack the energy to complete even simple tasks. It’s important for us to look after ourselves so that we have enough energy and enthusiasm for all aspects of our life. 

Taking a few moments out of each day for some self-care activities such as exercise or just getting some fresh air helps break up long days and give us the moments we need to recenter ourselves. When we take on the responsibility of caring for ourselves everybody else in our lives will benefit too.

Ways to Prioritize Your Self-Care

Although single-parenthood is hard, there are a number of ways you can prioritize your self care. 

Explore Your Community

Exploring your community is a great way to take care of you and your family! Going on walks around the neighborhood, checking out nearby parks and trails, visiting historical monuments nearby, or going to enriching family activities in your area can be a fun and educational way to spend time together. 

It’s also an opportunity to meet new people in the area who may share common interests with you. Spending some time outdoors is healthy for everyone’s mental well-being, and it’s also a great reminder that life can still be filled with wonder even if you stay in your local area. Exploring your community as a family can help to make memories that will last you a lifetime.

Check In On Your Health

Practicing self-care is an important way to stay healthy and in tune with your body. Checking in on your physical and mental health can be beneficial in preventing more serious illnesses or complications. 

Taking the time to pause, reflect, and ask yourself how you’re doing can be beneficial to improve overall well being. Eating balanced meals, staying hydrated, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are simple practices for not only maintaining but also improving one’s physical health. 

Reducing stress, managing expectations of yourself, limiting screen time and connecting with loved ones are a few examples of activities to strengthen mental health. Self-care looks different for everyone; it’s about finding what works for you and making it a habit.

Be sure that you’re keeping up with your basic needs, but also consider trying more holistic therapies in order to make sure you’re ticking all of the boxes. 


Navigating the world of parenting can be challenging and overwhelming, especially when you’re doing it all alone. Journaling can be a great tool for self care and reflection as a single parent. It’s an opportunity to express thoughts, feelings, and worries that may have been kept inside throughout your transition period. 

Parents can use journaling to gain awareness about their needs and values, identify areas of growth, and plan ways to take care of themselves on an emotional level. Plus, it’s free! On top of that, journaling is not only a good self-care practice – it’s also a great way to keep track of memories along your parenting journey. 

No matter if you are currently enjoying an experience or going through difficult times, taking notes of what happened is comforting and healing in the long run.

Talk to a Professional

Being newly single is hard. You have to take on the role of a parent, shoulder all the responsibility and think about how to manage your time. It can make you feel overwhelmed! Talking to a professional such as a counselor or psychologist can be really helpful in this situation. 

They’re there for non-judgemental support, ensuring you make well-informed decisions and understand any challenges you may face down the road. They can provide guidance around self care, give advice for managing stress, help identify sources of emotional strength and offer new perspectives so that you’re better equipped during this transition period. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out – it could be just the thing that gets you through some tough times.

Being a newly single parent can be tough. You have to manage parenting duties while Navigating the world of dating again. 

Adding self-care into the mix may seem impossible, but it’s important to prioritize your own wellbeing. 

Taking care of yourself will make you a better parent and set a good example for your kids. Plus, there are plenty of easy ways to fit self-care into your busy schedule. 


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