The 6 Best Colognes and Perfumes to Wear in Fall 2023

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We all know the power of smelling great; it’s how we carefully select the soaps we bathe with, the deodorants we put on each day, and, of course, the perfumes and colognes we spritz on after we shower. There is so much more to fragrance than many realize – they have the power to convey confidence, boost our attractiveness, and have even been shown to have health benefits. Another aspect of fragrances many overlook is when to wear them; we should switch our fragrances with the seasons and our moods. This fall, you may want to switch out your floral or citrus warm weather scents for something more seasonally appropriate, but you need help figuring out where to start. Keep reading to learn the best colognes and perfumes to wear in the fall and winter of 2023. 

Clean Reserve Skin 

With its sleek clear bottle and wooden top, the Clean Reserve Skin perfume is one that you’ll love to wear this winter. Its musky scent pairs perfectly with cold weather and has a hint of salted praline – perfect for cozying up with a pint of ice cream on cold winter nights. This is a simple scent, so if you prefer to keep things neat and tidy, the packaging and scent of this fragrance should be a front-runner for you in fall 2023.

YSL Opium 

Yves Saint Laurent is known for all things drama in the fashion world, and when it comes to their most iconic scent, YSL Opium, drama is in spades. This heavy scent is great for fall and winter weather with its heavy notes of clove, cedarwood, lily of the valley, and myrrh. It has a rosy scent and incorporates other floral notes, which means if you’re reluctant to leave your warm weather florals behind, this heady and musky perfume is perfect for you. The red bottle with gold accents also pairs perfectly with autumn and holiday vibes. 

Commodity Book Expressive 

A sleek black bottle holds one of the most coveted scents for Fall and Winter 2023, and the fragrance is just as moody as its packaging. Book Expressive by Commodity is composed of bergamot, sandalwood, and cedarwood notes. This powerful and deep fragrance has hundreds of five-star reviews and, as its name implies, will keep you perfectly content and feeling phenomenal as you cozy up with a great book during the colder months. 

Juliette Has a Gun Lipstick Fever 

If you have yet to try a fragrance from Juliette Has a Gun this year, give Lipstick Fever a go. Though the keynotes might read floral, as it’s made of Violet, Raspberry, and Iris, this scent is heavy and perfect for wintry weather. Whether your vibe is edgy or romantic, this up-and-coming fragrance design company is one from whom you want a scent or two. Many reviewers claim it smells exactly like a tube of their favorite red lipstick – another staple in cold weather. 

Heretic Dirty Vanilla 

Nothing says cold weather fragrance like the comforting scent of vanilla. Vanilla is a staple in holiday baking and autumn and winter candle scents. It would be heresy not to try Dirty Vanilla by Heretic this fall and winter as a fragrance choice. As the name suggests, its main scent is vanilla, and Heretic pairs it perfectly with coriander and sandalwood. This edgy fragrance is the perfect spicy blend to end 2023. 

Dior Fahrenheit 

Many people want a unisex fragrance these days, and if that’s you, Dior Fahrenheit could be just what you’re looking for. This is considered a Leather Floral perfume type, with major leather, violet, and vetiver notes. While you can wear it year-round, it works best as a cold-weather cologne or perfume. Though it’s been around since the eighties, Dior Fahrenheit is making a strong comeback because of how phenomenal it smells on virtually everyone. 

Shopping for a new perfume or cologne can feel daunting; just like our clothing, our beauty products convey so much about our personalities and who we are. Using the fragrances mentioned above as your guide to fall 2023 scents, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits you perfectly and makes you smell and feel phenomenal. 

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