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Tips On How to Build Brand Awareness

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Brand awareness is something that you need to build as a business owner. The more brand awareness you have the easier it is to sell your products or services. If you are a new business owner you may be wondering how you can go about building brand awareness. 

Fortunately, building brand awareness is not as difficult as you may think. 

There are a few strategic and effective moves you can make to ensure that your business is at the forefront of people’s minds when they think about a particular product or service. Take a look at how you can easily build brand awareness.

Select Your Look

A big part of making your brand recognizable is to decide on its look. This means that you need to have a logo that you use consistently across all platforms. If you want to you can also choose a tagline for your brand.

Your brand needs to have specific colors as well. Taking the time to establish these things from the start will help to make your brand recognizable.


Tell Your Story

Every brand has a story and you should share it with your audience. Think about why you started your business and what kind of problem you wish to solve with it. Tell your audience through stories, pictures, videos, and behind-the-scenes footage about how you are accomplishing your mission.

Chances are your audience will relate in some way to what you have shared. They will make an emotional connection with your brand. Once an emotional connection is made with your brand you will have a higher chance of getting them to buy from you.

Identify Your Target Audience

One of the things you must do as a business owner is, identify your target audience. The identification of your target audience makes it easier for you to know exactly who you are selling your product to. 

The more detailed you are about identifying your target audience, the easier it will be to find them. 

For example, you need to identify their age, hobbies, occupations, education, and income. Not all of these may be necessary but many of them will be.

Once you narrow down your target audience you will know how to market to them.

Get Social Media Savvy

One of the easiest ways to increase your brand awareness is to get on social media. Social media offers you a free way to tell people more about your product and services. 

Once you’ve done the work of identifying your target audience when you get on social media you have a clearer picture of who you are looking for. In addition to the information that you have about your target audience, you can also look at your competitors to see the demographics of their target audience. 

Search for their followers and look at the people who engage with their posts. You can find out a lot about the type of people who will be willing to buy your products 

and services just by doing this simple action.

On social media, you should also look at the type of posts that are performing well for your competitors. You should try to create content that is similar but unique to your brand. If all of this seems overwhelming you can simply hire a marketing agency to assist you.

Go Beyond Your Product

When you’re on social media you must go beyond selling your products and provide as much value as possible. This means that you should not just concentrate on posts that showcase your products or services. You must take the time to inform, educate and entertain your audience.

Doing this most of the time will keep them engaged. People are not on social media to be sold to, they are usually there to catch up with their family and friends. They also seek information and entertainment.

When you spend the majority of your time doing this, it is more likely that when you do make a sales pitch they will respond positively.

Give Away Freebies

A great way to increase your brand awareness is to give away freebies. People love freebies and if you are giving away something that they can use, it is easy to get them on your email list.

This type of marketing helps to double your exposure in the shortest time possible.

Mention your freebie regularly when you are on social media so that people will sign up for it. If you’re on places like Instagram then you can include it in your highlights, you can also occasionally mention it in your stories. It is often said in marketing that money is in the list. 

Creating an email list is vital for the survival of your business. When you’re on social media your audience will never completely be yours. This is because your account does not belong to you. However, one thing that does belong to you is your email list. 

You can use it to communicate your offers whenever you want your audience to know about them.

Have Giveaways

Another way in which you can increase your brand awareness is by doing contests and giveaways occasionally. Make sure you follow the rules for holding contests and giveaways on each social media platform that you choose.

The best thing about contests and giveaways is that people love to share them. They will invite their family and friends to join in as well. This will give you even more exposure.

Grab Attention

When you run a business you must have as much brand awareness as possible. Getting your business in front of paying customers is a must.

It is not difficult to get brand awareness as long as you have a strategic plan about how you’re going to accomplish it. You must know how you want your brand to be perceived, you also need to find your target audience and utilize social media as much as possible to connect with them. 

To succeed, always make sure that you give a high level of value along with selling your products and services.



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