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What to Do After Suffering an Injury on a Business Property

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It’s not completely possible to stay safe at all times, but when you’re on a business’s property, you have the right to feel and remain safe. Whether it’s at a plant or store, you need to be safe, but what happens if you feel unsafe? More specifically, what happens if you get into an accident and suffer an injury from a business property? It can be tough to navigate, even confusing too. So, keep reading on to find out what you can do.

Get medical attention

The first and most obvious rule of thumb is to call 911. This is important because you want to get medical attention as soon as possible. You should also consult a lawyer and ensure you get the best possible settlement. If the injury isn’t that bad, then you don’t need to call 911, but you’ll still need to document everything, file a report, and make an appointment with your GP.

Report the accident

So, when it comes to reporting the accident, this will depend. You could report it to the police; some will record it, while others may not (depending on the area). You could just go to the police department, but you’ll need to provide evidence of what occurred at the business property. Also, if you’re at the business, they may need to report it too, so let them know.

Gather the evidence

Getting assistance is vital, especially when gathering evidence at the scene. If you’ve suffered an injury on rented or owned property, you should consult an attorney before making legal representations. Your attorney can review your documentation, as well as your medical records, make sure your injury has been properly documented and can be proven.

You should also document the scene of the accident in a detailed manner to make it easier for your attorney to establish a case. To prove your injuries, you should take photos of the scene and contact the witnesses. While doing this, it’s also important to ask the witnesses if they have any video footage that could provide additional proof of your injuries.

While gathering evidence and speaking with witnesses, you should also obtain the contact information of any bystanders in the area at the time of the accident. You can later provide the information to your insurance company by gathering it. When you contact witnesses, you should also ask them to sign a witness statement, which can be used in legal proceedings.

File a lawsuit

Next, you need to find an attorney to help you through the process. A slip and fall claims lawyer can work with you to get the compensation you need. After filing a lawsuit, you will have to go through a discovery phase, where you will be investigating other parties’ claims and defenses. This process is easier to navigate with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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