3 Fun Outdoor Sporting Activities That Take Up The Whole Day

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As you mature and enter adulthood, your approach to the weekend changes. Instead of looking for loads of different things to do, you’re content with one or two activities that take up the whole day. You don’t want to rush around worrying about finishing one activity before making it to the next – and all that jazz. 

So, it’s nice to come across some sporting activities that take up the whole day. What’s more, these sporting activities all involve the great outdoors. You can enjoy mother nature, breathe in the fresh air, and have some fun with a few friends for hours. Do these activities on Saturday, and Sunday can be dedicated to relaxing and resting. 

Here’s a look at three fun outdoor sporting activities that are worth dedicating your day to: 


In all honesty, you can’t go wrong with a hike. Hiking is one of the most enjoyable sporting activities as it encourages you to see new things. There are hundreds of amazing hiking trails around the country that are worth checking out. This way, you can combine hikes with road trips for the ultimate weekend adventure. 

Walk for a few miles, take in some gorgeous views, and marvel at your natural surroundings. It’s awesome for your health too; a long hike burns calories works your muscles and can help you stay fit. It’s the perfect thing to do alone, with a partner, or with a group of mates. 



Yes, hunting can be considered a sporting activity. The key to a successful hunting trip is to get your motives right. Make sure you are hunting as ethically as possible; don’t just kill for sport or trophies. Ensure you’re only targeting animals that you can legally hunt, and then do so for food so there’s a genuine purpose. 

This is one of those activities that divide opinions but is fun when you’re out with friends. Get yourself a nice rifle scope, a decent gun, and a set of binoculars. You’re all set for a day full of stalking and finding things to hunt. Or, if you don’t like the sound of shooting animals, why don’t you turn your hunts into clay pigeon shooting or target practice? You get a similar thrill and you pass the hours by without harming any wildlife. 


Fishing is a bit like hunting only more ethical and on the water. If you live near good fishing lakes or want to do some saltwater fishing at sea, this is a fantastic idea. 

Naturally, you need a fishing boat – so make sure you know how to acquire or rent one of these. Get a group of friends together, rent some gear, and start fishing. It’s super fun and you’ll be out all day trying to see what you can catch. Make a game out of it with your buddies; see who can get the biggest catch. Again, if you’re not fishing with the intention of eating what you catch, you can simply release the fish back into the water after. 

If you’re keen on some outdoor fun that will occupy the best part of a day, these three sporting activities are worth trying. You might not like the sound of all of them, but there should be at least one you’re willing to try. 


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