5 Niche Beauty Brands Worth Trying

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Niche beauty products are gaining popularity among consumers for various reasons, so if it’s time to update your makeup and beauty routine, you may look for choices beyond famous fashion designers and houses. Since beauty products can cost a significant amount, you want to be confident that what you’re purchasing will deliver the promised results; niche brands are smaller, which can be concerning for consumers, but it doesn’t have to be. Splurging on beauty products, even from niche brands, is important as these brands typically focus on the product they’re selling instead of a vast menu of choices. If you’re looking to invest in products made by smaller niche brands and are wondering where to start, keep reading to discover the beauty brands that are worth trying today.

Mancera Fragrances 

In the world of niche perfumes, Mancera has a cult following you wouldn’t believe. While plenty of niche perfumeries exist, Mancera’s scents leave fans wanting more after each release. While their most popular scent is easily Red Tobacco, which mixes floral, citrus, and musky scents, they have several others worth noting, like Coco Vanille, Cedrat Boise, and Hindu Kush. Investing in Mancera Fragrances is the way to go if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with a persuasive and mood-boosting perfume. 

Youth to the People 

Best known for its Superfood cleanser, which includes kale, green tea, spinach, and vitamins, this niche skincare brand is beloved by millennials and boomers alike. The ingredients are clean and trustworthy, and the minimalist packaging is a delight to see in your shower or medicine cabinet. Other offerings from Youth to the People that deliver strong skin results are their Superfoods air-whip moisturizing cream and polypeptide-121 future cream. They specialize in products targeting specific skin concerns like aging and firmness, acne, hyperpigmentation, and overall skin tone and texture. Whatever your skin concerns are, this small brand has the answer. 

Frederic Malle 

When it comes to referring to anything as a “masterpiece,” you must be discerning, but time after time, the perfumes manufactured by Frederic Malle are referred to as such. They are best known for their scent, Portrait of a Lady, which features patchouli, sandalwood, and frankincense notes. Another fan favorite from this perfume is Uncut Gem. Uncut Gem is bold and enigmatic with bergamot, ginger, and angelique root. While intended originally as a cologne, with the beauty industry embracing unisex products, Uncut Gem is worn by everyone. 

Grown Alchemist 

Another brand worth the investment regarding skincare is Grown Alchemist. Their packaging is unparalleled, and if you’ve never heard of them, they’re a must-try. Delivering results you’d expect from iconic brands like La Mer, Grown Alchemist has skin and body care and a large selection of cleansers and creams. Even their lip gloss delivers on the promise to moisturize, calm fine lines around lips, and help with lip plumping. If you’re on the fence about which of their products to start with, great introductions to the brand are their Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser, Hydra-Repair Day Cream, and Polishing Facial Exfoliant. Their use of beautiful botanical scents will have you in dreamland while your skin transforms before your eyes. 

Deciding to go with niche brands makes you feel good about purchasing from smaller brands, but you can trust that thought, attention to detail, and care went into your products. It’s worth visiting the brand’s websites to learn more about them and their mission and choose products whose values align with yours. Niche brands are trending in the beauty industry, so hop on the bandwagon and find your favorite!

Vintner’s Daughter

When it comes to skincare treatments, people have countless options, but purchasing from a brand like Vintner’s Daughter that focuses on delivering life-changing results for your skin is worth every penny. Its founder April Gargiulo, cured her primary skin concern of Rosacea using both ancient and modern techniques. Their ingredients are of the highest quality, and the industry’s production standards are the highest. If an ingredient up to par with the brand’s vision isn’t available, a product won’t be made at that time. They are best known for their Active Botanical Serum, which at $350 for 50ml, still sells out. That’s how divine the results are. 

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