5 Trends to Borrow From Ariana Grande in 2023

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We live in a social world where trends, influencers, and celebrities are visible to us each time we open our phones to read the news or log into social media. While it’s true that comparison is the thief of joy and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to celebrities or influencers, there is also nothing wrong with taking a page from their book. After all, celebrities have personal stylists, glam teams, and plenty of other knowledgeable people to influence what they wear. This year, Ariana Grande is giving us so much to model after, but some trends are better than others. Whether you’re a fan of the pop star and actress or not, there’s no denying her style power. Keep reading for trends worth borrowing from this style maven in 2023. 

Gemstone Makeup 

Body embellishments are having a huge moment in the fashion scene right now, from fully bedazzled eyebrows to the Bindis made famous by Gwen Stefani in the early aughts. Ariana is doing a different take on rhinestone makeup by wearing jeweled eyeliner. While she’s always been famous for her strong cat-eye black eyeliner, her jeweled twist is whimsical and worth a try if you have a special event where you want to stand out. This trend is easier to pull off than you may think too! A simple pair of tweezers and the small jewel stickers are all you need; you may find it easier to apply than a straight cat-eye liner. If you want a more subdued take on this trend, opt for clear crystal embellishments; if you want an edgier, more fashion-forward look, choose multiple crystal colors to wear at once.

Ariana Grande Perfumes 

While many celebrities have makeup or fragrance lines, not all wear them daily. The two most well-known celebrities for using their products consistently are Kylie Jenner and, of course, Ariana. When it comes to Ariana Grande perfumes, the one with the biggest cult following is, of course, Sweet Like Candy, but several others are worth considering. Ari is a beautiful option if you’re looking for something sweet but less strong than Sweet Like Candy. R.E.M. is perfect for people who need a little stress relief, as its shining note is Lavender. And, of course, Moonlight is a sexy and seductive scent perfect for a date night.

Powder Pink Eyeshadow

There is nothing more feminine than a soft powder pink incorporated somewhere into your aesthetic. Channel your inner Ariana and opt for soft powder pink eyeshadow this year. The shades match a variety of skin tones to give a more natural look – especially if you cover your entire lid the way the pop star does. While she still steps out in her thick black cat-eye from time to time, Ariana has been spotted more often these days with a more natural eye makeup look, staying on trend with other celebrity makeup artists’ motto that right now, less truly is more. 

Beautiful Skin 

We all know we should be taking our makeup off before bed each night, and we also know the importance of a curated morning and evening makeup routine – but if you’re being honest, how diligent are you? Sure, Ariana has access to more spa treatments and dermatologists than you, but investing in a derm visit and quarterly facials from an esthetician will go a long way to making your skin dreams come true. Commitment to consistency is using the products your professionals (dermatologists and estheticians) recommend to you is key to healing your skin, targeting any skin concerns, and eventually seeing the fruits of your labor pay off. 

The High Ponytail 

Even if she’s not wearing her signature 30″ extensions, Ariana is still regularly seen sporting the high ponytail. With preppy couture being in this season, you can follow the trends and Ari by opting for a high ponytail sometimes. High ponies aren’t reserved for people with long flowing locks; they look great on even shoulder-length lobs. The bottom line – you don’t have to reserve a high ponytail style for the gym; incorporate it into your everyday and more elevated looks. 

Beauty is subjective, but some things are universal, and Ariana Grande is a natural beauty and natural talent. Maybe you won’t try all the trends mentioned above, but there’s something for everyone, so have fun playing with your Ariana-inspired looks. 


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