Five Ways Technology Has Changed The Beauty Industry

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Our lives are infinitely made better by technology and the beauty industry is no different. We are well into the age of apps and devices that make everyday rituals more simple and faster. The beauty companies that embrace the use of technology in their manufacturing, advertising, and customer interaction always have a leg up on other companies that aren’t as connected to their customer’s needs.

Digital Makeup, e-Makeup, 3D Makeup

Everyone knows about Snapchat filters, which are one form of e-makeup that has taken today’s youth by storm. E-makeup allows a person to enhance their digital presence however they see fit. Haven’t gotten to the salon for those highlights yet? Just use a filter. Still waiting on your acne treatment to clear up that rash of bumps? Digital makeup makes it go away.

Another way digital makeup is used is for people to see what certain looks would look like on them without actually applying them. Some online stores can apply a shade of makeup to a picture of your face, for example, so you can see what the deep purple will look like before making a purchase.

Trying Things On Virtually

Continuing with the digital makeup trend above, other things can be tried on virtually before a consumer makes a purchase as well. Upload a selfie and try any new hairstyle on your face shape before you actually make the cut. With some stores, you can even use their app to try on virtual outfits to get an idea of how they will look before you buy.

While at this point these types of virtual try-ons are far from perfect, as they cannot completely replicate reality, they are a big step in a good direction for the companies who are embracing this technology. Photographs do not yet perfectly represent skin tone, hair type, body type, etc. but the time saved shopping before purchasing a product can be immense.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence affects our lives every day and sometimes without us even knowing about it. For example, if you use social media often and have a strong online presence, AI is constantly gathering data to promote products more focused to you and help businesses improve their products and services. AI can be useful in many ways.

This type of technology can provide a level of personalization that has not been previously available as well. Some makeup brands are using AI to personalize products for people based on skin tone. Devices combined with AI can diagnose skin health and give a customer better recommendations for skin care products.

Smart Skin Care Tools

Going hand-in-hand with AI, smart skin care tools are a brilliant example of how technology is making things better. These tools can “read” your skin, and give information about how to care for it better or what products may be better suited for your particular skin type and skin issues. As with virtual try-ons though, photography is not yet perfected to capture our exact tone or the exact nature of our skin, and should be used with that in mind.

Printed Makeup

Some futuristic movies have shown devices where a person holds a mask-like device up to their face, then when they pull it away they have a perfect makeup application. While this may seem impossible, today’s technology is already broaching a world where this is possible. Some companies already have a leg up with devices that combine AI and smart skin care to learn the contours of your face, precisely and evenly applying makeup to the spots that need it most.

Currently this type of technology is very expensive and has not been perfected, but the fact that it is even in production now shows us how quickly the seas of beauty technology are crashing into the future. It’s fun to dream about a day where a small, hand-held device will complete a whole makeup routine for us instead of the time it takes now.

Between smartphones, smart watches, smart cars, and everything else smart, smart beauty is starting to trend in the right direction as these beauty trends show. While there is still a long way to go and these innovations are not at all perfect, businesses are showing their understanding of where consumer preference is headed and trying to keep up.


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