Honda vs. The Rest: 5 ATV Models Compared

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In the automotive market, every brand usually feels that it’s them vs. everyone else. If you have one brand that’s the standard bearer, though, that seems like it’s even more true. That’s what it’s like with Honda ATVs. The ones the company makes are such standouts that it sometimes seems like everybody else is just trying to keep up.

We’ll discuss Honda ATV models right now and run down a few of their competitors. You can always visit one of the local Honda ATV dealers, Colorado residents, if you want to judge for yourself. 


We’ll start with the juggernaut that is Honda. Their ATVs feature Thermoplastic Olefin bodies, making them highly scratch and dent resistant. They also have a convenient center baffle that guards you against the splashing of mud and water that’s bound to happen at some point when you’re off-roading.

SYM Motors

SYM is probably one of the least known of the ATV mass-market manufacturers, which is a shame, since they’re formidable vehicles in their own right. What sets them apart is their four-stroke, 20-hp engines, automatic gearboxes, and liquid cooling systems.

If you go with one of these, the Quadlander is the obvious choice. Safety and practicality are the main reasons you might purchase an SYM over a Honda.


Argo may be your go-to if you want an amphibious ATV for a modest price. If you like taking ambitious hunting and fishing trips, this is a solid vehicle capable of tackling seriously bumpy roads, streams, and steeply-graded hillsides.

The 8-webbed tires let you go from cross-country mode to fishing in no time. They also have environmentally-friendly low ground pressure tires. 

Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat recently went through a rebranding campaign and now fashions itself Textron Off Road Vehicles. That’s a mouthful, but name recognition aside, the brand is best known for its expansive range of models. 

You can get a youth model for your teen or do a double-rider version if you’re traveling with a companion. You also have the sport or utility models that you might prefer. Arctic Cat, or Textron, if you like, always gives you an independent rear suspension, power steering, and low-to-the-ground, reliable balance.


Yamaha is the brand that can match power with Honda and sometimes surpass it. If you’re most interested in the ATV that can motor you over some mountainous terrain, this has got to be your go-to.

Its dirt and dune performances are legendary, and the inspiration for many YouTube videos shot in the Gobi Desert or equally inhospitable parts of the world. Despite Yamaha’s power, though, their models come with lightweight aluminum-and-steel chassis. They were also the first ATV manufacturer to feature an assist and slipper clutch.

Will you submit to Honda’s market dominance, or do you dare to go with one of these other contenders? You may have to test drive a few before you make the final call. The price point will most likely be a factor, in addition to aesthetics, power, and maneuverability. 


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