The Best Short Break Trips to Travel via Cruise in 2023

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January is traditionally the time of year when people start daydreaming about their summer holidays. It’s also a great time to book that holiday and turn a dream into a reality since there are usually plenty of deals to be found. 

If you’re not sure where to go or what to do, why not consider a cruise? When you enjoy a cruise, you’ll find you have a whole world (almost literally) open to you, giving you many more options than you would if you decided on just one destination. 

Yet there are still choices to be made; where should you go on a cruise? Read on for some help deciding on some of the best short break trips to really get you inspired. 


Look online, and you’ll see you can get the best P&O cruises to the ultimate travel destinations, one of which happens to be Bruges. Bruges is a fantastic combination of a cultural centre in Europe and a beach paradise. The capital of the Belgian province of West Flanders is renowned for its mediaeval architecture, canals, and comparisons to Venice. In fact, Bruges’s mediaeval city centre is so well conserved that it has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Bucharest is the capital and biggest city of Romania. One of the most authentic capitals in Europe, it is also the country’s most vital industrial and commercial hub. Bucharest is a fascinating city because of the contrasts it offers: a rich past across a relatively modern identity; magnificent architecture among communist-era structures; endless gorgeous parks alongside public squares; and extremely hospitable residents. Bucharest is also one of the safest and cheapest travel destinations in Europe.


Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a fantastic weekend getaway since it offers something for everyone. Vienna is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most stunning cities, and it’s a wonderful place to go sightseeing, dine, and shop. Vienna is a city with a fantastic variety of historical sites, cultural institutions, and delicious cuisine.


Amsterdam, often called the “Venice of the North,” is a fantastic city with stunning architecture, a rich cultural heritage, and a fascinating past. The city’s many canals contribute to the remarkable serenity of the place, making it an ideal spot for a getaway cruise. It’s easy to rent a boat and cruise the city, taking in the sights, or to simply relax in a riverside cafe and watch the world go by. The city’s rich history also explains why Museum Square is home to some of Europe’s most renowned museums and galleries, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. 


The town of Sorrento is undeniably deserving of a visit when you’re wondering where your next cruise should take you. Sorrento combines the appeal of the Middle Ages with the allure of the sea, providing visitors with stunning coastline vistas and mouth watering cuisine. Whether you’re looking for excitement, fine food, historical sites, a romantic atmosphere, or just breath-taking scenery, Sorrento has it all. 

And these are just some of the dozens of cruise destinations you can visit in 2023 – all you have to do is choose. 


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