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Finding the Right Commercial Property

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When searching for the ideal commercial property for your business, knowing what to look for is essential. Understanding the various options can be overwhelming whether you need office space, retail space, or a warehouse building.

But you need to ensure that you choose the right location to maximize sales and visibility, provide an easy-to-access location for employees and customers, and give your business the best chance of success. While one way is to work with commercial real estate services to find the right commercial property, you can learn more about choosing the right property for your business by reading the article below.


For many businesses, location is paramount to success. For instance, if you’re opening a restaurant, having an easily visible and accessible area that attracts hungry customers is critical for its success.

Setting up in high-traffic areas or nearby local stores and amenities can be the best choice for new restaurants. Choosing a warehouse site with excellent transport links is away from residential areas and allows easy access for a range of vehicles to come and go.


When selecting the ideal commercial space, there are numerous factors to consider. These include location and zoning regulations, amenities, and overall layout. Furthermore, your budget must also be taken into account.

There will be a minimum size you need to operate correctly; however, you need to ensure that you are not compromising on safety and access to purchase a property that is too small and will cause complications down the line. Consider any plans for expansion, large equipment, and machinery, for example, or creating private rooms and areas for stock, meetings, or staff use only.

Associated Taxes

Commercial property owners must pay local taxes based on the value of their assets. Each municipality has a slightly different process, but all require the property owner to fill out an income and expense form, which then serves to determine its taxable value.

Taxpayers can save money by including state and local taxes in their tenants’ rental amounts. These may include federal, state, income, sales, real estate, and property taxes.

Commercial property owners should also look into the tax benefits of a mortgage interest deduction. Any payments made on a commercial mortgage during the year qualify as an itemized deduction.


Selecting the ideal amenities and features is essential to making your commercial property successful. Not only will this set you apart from competitors, but it can also increase your chances of securing responsible tenants.

If you are purchasing the property, you can add your required amenities yourself; however, if you are renting your commercial property, asking what comes included can help you assess if this is the right property for your need. 

Amenities can indicate many different things, from security access if you are looking at an office in a shared building. Having separate key access from other businesses, what furniture or equipment is included, and whether you have bathroom access or the ability to add some are just a few things to consider.

Operating Expenses

Operating expenses (OpEx) refer to property costs that landlords pass along to commercial space tenants. These include management fees, utilities, maintenance, insurance premiums, and taxes.

Depending on the lease structure, these costs can be included in your base rent or charged as an additional charge to your rent. They may even be split between tenants and landlords, such as in a modified gross lease agreement.

Comprehending a building’s operating expenses is essential, as they play a significant role in determining its profitability. They can average up to 35-80% of gross operating income for any given property.

When it comes to choosing the right commercial property, there are many things to think about. Whether you are buying or renting, your needs will differ based on your industry and business operations. Think carefully to ensure you make the right decision.


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