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I had the opportunity to sit down with Maureen Tara Nelson, founder of MTN Matchmaking on Long Island. Maureen is quite different than other matchmakers as her screening process is more involved and in-depth. She’s certainly passionate about her work and is on a mission to get as many people as possible to I Do in the safest and loving way.

Nelson grew up and lived on Long Island her entire life. “I’m passionate about LI, the people, business owners, my friends, etc., and the very reason why LI is my specialized area. I became a pharmaceutical rep when I got out of college which taught me a lot about human behavior and controlling and narcissistic personality styles. I was married to a narcissistic man. A dating service then came to LI, and I knew it was my calling, so no one would have to live the life I did being married to a narcissist for ten years. People thought I was crazy leaving the pharmaceutical business, but I knew it was the right decision and had to go all in. I’m an executive certified matchmaker and I’m passionate about my business and ensuring no one would ever meet a narcissist in my Matchmaking service. I also am the proud mother of two children who are now adults, and I felt I had to set an example of what it is like to work hard and be the best at being a mom and a business owner. As cliché as it sounds, I truly love what I do and for me, I never feel as though it is work. I’m truly grateful to do what I love each day with the top singles on Long Island and New York. This is the best decision I have ever made going into my 22nd year and I have never looked back.” Wow, quite impressive and congratulations!

How does your screening process differ from your competition? “This is a great question. We don’t take on every single person that reaches out to us. All my clients must pass a screening process. Given my background as a former pharmaceutical rep, I also know how to make sure clients are being matched by my own three-part compatibility test, which I developed, which includes a personality test, so they will always know they are compatible and only need to go out and see if they have chemistry.” How does it work when you work with other certified matchmakers? “It’s quite easy. I handle the singles on Long Island and my certified colleagues, and I work together in handling singles in other areas across the country. When I bring on a client who lives in another state, I will work together with one or more of my colleagues, knowing that I can trust them and their screening process as well. When my colleagues take on someone from Long Island, they do the same with me.” 

Both the Hamptons and Fire Island are known for a plethora of singles. “Yes. Each year I have been working virtually with single candidates that are in the Hamptons and this is the first year that I will have a presence there. Me and my team are very excited, to say the least! Moreover, we have MTN Matchmaking Ireland for the people who live there and who want to relocate and meet a man from New York and get married. I have started that division because of my Irish heritage; I know I can make them happy too!”

We hear so many horror stories about on-line dating. Can you share why it is better to meet through a professional such as yourself. “It is all about the screening process. We hear so many repetitive stories about dating apps and so many men are looking for a “good time” to put it mildly. They will make sure they get the women a few cocktails and then they want to go home with them. This is the opposite of what people are looking for when they come to us. People don’t want to be alone, which is one thing many have realized during the pandemic. People were calling our offices at all hours, saying they didn’t want to die alone. The internet is a quick way to get a date and a quick way to meet people. However, without a screening process it becomes quantity over quality. If you’re looking to have sex, the dating apps are for you and if you’re looking to get to I Do, then MTN Matchmaking is for you!” So very true and we are all guilty at some point in our life. 

I think you can agree that both females and males make mistakes on the first date. “Yes! They talk about the taboo subjects i.e., politics, religion, and sex. The first date should be light and easy and not consist of heavy topics. Once the chemistry develops after a few dates, then you can discuss those topics. This is why we like to give our clients a list of Do’s and Dont’s to discuss on the first three dates and is one of the many reasons why we are successful. We also give advice to our mature clients who are now in their 50’s and 60’s and divorced.  We emphasize to them to be realistic and not make the common mistake of thinking that they look, feel, and act like they’re the same person as they were 30 years ago. Singles should embrace their maturity and be realistic in what they really want and don’t want since at this stage in their life, they have experienced the good and bad of life and relationships. Everybody needs to be honest about who they are and what they want to attract in their life. You need to have the same qualities that you are looking for!”

“For those looking to get to I Do, we have dating coaches and we get couples to realize that miscommunication is very common. There are certain dealbreakers, like cheating, that won’t get to I do, but that is why we have dating coaches that help work through confusing situations and miscommunications.”

Nelson is very proud that she is responsible for over 1,000 marriages and countless babies in the world. Needless to say, if you are looking for love and to get to I Do, there is no need to look anywhere else! 

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