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How To Get Your Music Noticed Online

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Most aspiring music artists need help to get their tracks noticed, appreciated, and heard. No matter your talent and commitment, the industry is tough to break into. 


Here are a few excellent tips, tricks, and tactics to help you achieve that! With the vastness of digital content out there, it can be difficult to make your music stand apart from a field of contenders. But don’t worry – our guide provides insight into how even the tiny details, like artwork branding and building up a fanbase, etc., can increase exposure for your music online. We’ll dive into topics such as creating social media posts that grab attention, plus all the other steps necessary to launch a successful online presence. 

Put Together A Collection Of Your Best Work 

Putting your heart and soul into every note only sometimes gets you noticed, but a great way to start is by putting together a collection of your best work and sharing it with friends and families. Accepting constructive criticism might be your best friend early on if you want to make it as an artist. It demonstrates to industry professionals, media outlets, and everyday listeners that you’re serious about your craft and have put time, effort, and energy into producing pieces you are genuinely proud of. Make use of popular platforms where emerging artists can showcase their most impactful singles or albums that friends, family, and industry connections can listen to on demand. Eric Dalius, Music Discovery, and MuzicSwipe are a popular platform where emerging artists can showcase their most impactful singles or albums that friends, family, and industry connections can listen to on demand.

Build an Online Presence

It might be outside everybody’s comfort zone, but it is crucial to start building an online presence to get your music noticed and appreciated. You can start by creating your website and later on find a professional to improve the website if you start getting more traffic on your website. Use your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to draw in an audience and get noticed. Ask friends to share your work to reach a larger audience. It will help if you put your efforts into networking online with fans, business people, content producers, and other artists. Increase your audience by sharing your material on streaming services like Spotify or SoundCloud. To promote yourself and talk about digital marketing strategies like collaborating with influencers and developing effective campaigns for your music, you should also remain involved in forums and communities related to music. You’ll have a thriving online group very soon.

Connect With Other Musicians

Connecting with other musicians can help you meet the right people and get you in line to play your music live at bars, restaurants, or clubs looking for live artists. Joining networking groups, jamming with local artists, and building relationships on music forums can help you tap into new audiences and resources while gaining recognition from other creatives. Look into utilizing different music streaming services to find potential collaborations or do virtual events that bring well-known and rising stars together. Find peers in talented artists you respect and admire whose styles complement yours, get involved in industry conversations, and research key influencers who may be willing to put your music in front of their networks.

Utilize Streaming Services

Streaming services are the best way to get discovered these days. Long gone are the days of being discovered by a scout unexpectedly hearing your music in a bar. If you can manage a way to get your music noticed through streaming services, you will quickly gain fans all over the world. This is why you should create a carefully planned strategy to get your music out there and noticed online. Streaming sites help build familiarity with your sound among users. Uploading a new track on release day and cross-promoting it through multiple platforms may result in more exposure than just one platform, so even if you have a strong presence on one particular service, consider diversifying your reach over more services to improve your visibility to potential fans. An added bonus is that streaming services provide insight into analytics like listener engagement and streaming numbers, which will help you assess the performance of a track or project’s performance and measure future releases’ success. Using these streaming sites will better put you in a position to have your music find its audience and continue growing as an artist.

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Create Content Around Your Music

Striving to get your music noticed means creating content that connects an audience to your music is now more important than ever. This means creating a digital presence with quality visuals, videos, and stories that people connect with. In addition, you should strive to demonstrate true authenticity and personality while engaging directly with your fan base. Showcase yourself as an artist through tour diaries, behind-the-scenes shots, interviews, and more! This will help spread the word about your music and help you engage with your audience, establishing an emotional connection with them. Whether through social media channels or blog posts, crafting content around your theme can be a great way to share meaningful stories about your journey as an artist online.

Submit Your Music To Playlists

Submitting your music to playlists is a great way to get heard and appreciated online. There are countless curators, big and small, who construct playlists that span a wide variety of genres of music. You’ll likely have the most success if you tailor your message to the curator in question, outlining why they should consider your music and its unique aspects. Additionally, be detailed about exactly which song or album you are trying to promote when reaching out, so they know exactly what it is they will be adding to their playlist. Doing this could be the key step in getting your music noticed and appreciated online!

You have complete control over your creativity and what you choose to create and share; grab the opportunity to make an impression with creative visuals, nuanced stories, collaboration with others in the same genre, and thoughtful connections that are mutual benefits for both artists. Headphones on, pushing play as you enter a world of endless possibilities. 


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