Three Romantic Proposal Spots That Are Popular for Engagements

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According to the experts at Audley Travel, one of the aspects that all great marriage proposals have in common is a memorable location. And if you’ve dreamed about your wedding since you were young, no doubt you’ve thought about where your partner might get down on one knee, whether a tropical paradise, a big city, or a historical hub. 

Recently the top proposal destinations for 2023 have been released, with Egypt, New York City, and Brazil coming out on top. Despite all countries on this list being wildly different, they offer couples a selection of unforgettable spots to demonstrate their love for one another, making for a one-of-a-kind experience for you both to treasure for all your years together. 

Below, we list three of the most noteworthy spots for getting down on one knee in Brazil, New York City, and Egypt, with examples of real-life proposals. So, whether you’d like to pop the question in an urban jungle like New York or a historical hub like Egypt, continue reading to discover how to make the experience memorable in one of the most romantic spots worldwide. 

The Heights Of New York 

Renowned for its famous districts and endless energy, New York attracts millions of visitors from all corners of the world (whether for a proposal or not!). Yet, one of the most significant (and truly unmissable!) appeals of the Big Apple are the towering skyscrapers you see on every corner, with some of the most famous being The Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Plaza, and many more.

But, far from being nice to stare at, some of New York City’s most notable skyscrapers are also desirable spots for getting down on one knee. Whisk your loved one off their feet (literally!) by asking the big question on the sixty-fifth floor of the Rockefeller Center in the Rainbow Room or at the very top of The Empire State Building. 

Yet, for those with crippling vertigo, you’ll be glad to know plenty of other ways to pop the question while in the Big Apple. If you and your partner would prefer to keep both feet on the ground, consider having a private picnic in one of the city’s many parks, renting a boat and taking it for a cruise, or booking a private table at your favorite New York restaurant. 

The Ancient Wonders Of Egypt 

If the hustle and bustle of New York isn’t your cup of tea, consider booking a trip to Egypt, where you can fall in love with its spectacular sandy beaches, jaw-dropping ancient history, informative sea cruises, and all the rest that makes it one of the most sought-after holiday (and proposal!) destinations of all time.  

With the Pyramids of Giza and the Nile River, there is plenty of proposal-worthy spots in Egypt. However, Egypt specialists like Emma Thomas like to go one step further when orchestrating an Egyptian trip with a proposal element. She says that when you’re in notable regions like Cairo, using the pyramids as your proposal spot is almost obvious, but since she used to live in Egypt, she had other plans. 

Instead, she suggested that her client organized a private dinner for two at the exquisite Mena House Hotel, where the two lovebirds were staying. When the time was right, the pyramids were behind the couple as the question was asked, giving the two an almost private viewing without bordering on cliché. 

The Depths Of Brazil 

Last but not least on our list of the three most romantic proposal spots for 2023 is Brazil, a destination for adventure and nature-loving couples. Boasting some of the most beautiful natural beauty spots worldwide, you can choose from the Meeting of Waters, Dunes of Jalapao, Sugarloaf Mountain, Amazon Rainforest, and many more as the backdrop for your proposal. 

According to the destination experts from Audley Travel, one of the most dramatic settings for a marriage proposal is the raging waters of Iguaçu Falls – as evidenced by their former client Angela Taylor Robinson who got engaged in front of them after going on a trip to Brazil. 

At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can bask in natural beauty as far as the eye can see, with two-hundred and seventy-five cascades of water descending into the river below, lush canopies of greenery surrounding the area, and the light mist of the waterfall spray – it is truly a magical setting to ask one of the biggest questions of your life and one your partner is not likely to say ‘no’ to! 

Angela and her fiancé stayed a couple of miles from the attraction at the luxurious Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, giving them exclusive access to the viewing platform beside the waterfall before it got over-populated by tourists later in the day. 

So, whether you and your partner would like to take your relationship to the next level while staring down from one of New York’s most prominent skyscrapers, dining in the sandy deserts of Egypt, or taking in the natural wonders of Brazil – we’re sure that these romantic three proposal spots for 2023 won’t let you down when it comes to delivery. 



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