5 Rewarding Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Surgeries come with risks. They can cause infections and bleeding. In rare cases, they can even be fatal. Some procedures also cost a decent amount.

Fortunately, some procedures come with risks as minimal as possible. They also are relatively inexpensive. Tummy tuck surgery, for one, has few reasonable dangers and prices.

More importantly, it also comes with tons of long-term benefits. So if you’ve been thinking about it for years, it’s time to do it. Read on to find out why.

  1. Strengthens Your Core

Strengthening the core muscles is one of the tummy tuck benefits. In addition, the surgery involves the removal of excess fat and skin, as well as the tightening of abdominal muscles, to provide a smoother, more streamlined look and improved contour.

The strengthened core that comes with the procedure improves overall abdominal strength, body mechanics, and posture and gives the person a stronger core overall. As a result, the patient’s posture is improved, the abdominals and core area are more muscular, and there is a visible improvement in their overall look.

  1. Reduces Urinary Incontinence

There are rewarding medical benefits from this surgery beyond its aesthetic outcomes. Specifically, many people can experience improved urinary incontinence.

After removing loose or bulging abdominal skin, the organs in the abdominal area can be repositioned, thereby eliminating the pressure on their urinary passage. By choosing to have a tummy tuck procedure, someone can expect to look and feel better.

  1. Corrects Ventral Hernia

One of the tummy tuck benefits is its ability to correct a ventral hernia. With a ventral hernia, the abdominal wall may weaken, and the organs protrude through the opening. It can be incredibly uncomfortable and even embarrassing.

With the help of this plastic surgery, the abdominal wall can be reinforced and tightened, eliminating the hernia. Not only will this help to ease the physical discomfort caused by the hernia, but it will also boost the patient’s self-esteem, as the once unsightly protrusion is now gone.

  1. Decreases Back Pain

It has been proven to decrease back pain in patients with weakened abdominal muscles that often cause increased strain in the back and lower back area. A tummy tuck will remove excess skin and fat while reshaping the entire abdominal region to be supported appropriately.

Patients have noted feeling lighter, more active, and able to enjoy activities they once had difficulty with due to back pain. In addition, preventing future back problems is possible if a tummy tuck is done early enough.

  1. Resolves Complications of Excess Skin

It resolves the complications associated with excess skin in the abdominal region due to pregnancy or significant weight loss. The most notable benefit is a smoother, flatter abdomen with a more youthful appearance —a better fit in clothing and fewer skin folds.

Removing excess skin can lessen chronic skin infections, rashes, and creases. If this sounds good to you, then you deserve a mommy makeover by Dr. Chamata.

Look at the Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery carries many benefits with it. Not only does it make the abdomen slimmer and firmer, but it can also result in improved self-confidence and satisfaction.

So whether you seek relief from certain health conditions or want a slimmer physique, this plastic surgery is safe and effective. Contact your board-certified plastic surgeon today to see if tummy tuck surgery suits you!

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