8 Reasons to Book an Easter Mini Break in London

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London starts to awaken in April as the spring season kicks in. Its days are crisp and sunny, allowing for the first blossoms to take over and for its residents to bid goodbye to the cold. 

The Easter mini-break occurring in April is the perfect time to visit London. Take this chance to walk in its parks, visit its nature reserves and experience it at its best. 

Below are eight reasons to book an Easter mini-break in London. 

  1. Attend a Concert 

Some of the most revered musicians in the world will be performing in London during the Easter mini-break. Examples of musical acts to expect are: 

  • Elton John (12th and 13th) 
  • Macklemore (12th) 

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  1. Watch a Football Game 

Football is the nation’s leading pastime, and watching a live game in London is always a unique experience. And this is not forgetting the fact that the city is home to big teams like Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, and West Ham, who are all scheduled to play in and around Easter. 

  1. See a Stand-Up Comic 

Visiting a cultural hub such as London means that you can look forward to watching great performers do their thing live on stage. The same holds for stand-up comedians. 

Several performers will bring their acts to town during this break, and you may want to catch them live on stage. 

  1. Go on a Sightseeing Tour 

Truth be told: London isn’t a city that’s known for its brilliant weather. However, the spring season is one time of the year when it experiences pleasant breezes, mild temperatures, and glorious sunshine. 

Why not use the mini-break to take an open bus tour or cruise the Thames? 

  1. See London from Above 

As the weather improves during the onset of the spring season, this will be the perfect time to view London from a vantage point. Luckily, there are several ways to do this! 

Taking The Climb at the O2 is one example that allows you to see the skyline around the city. 

  1. See a Ballet Dance or Go to the Opera 

The Royal Opera House has scheduled several performances for the Easter mini-break, such as: 

  • Turandot – from 10th March to 13th April 
  • Cinderella – from 28th March to 3rd May 

Visit the official Royal Opera House website to see a list of additional programs. 

  1. Spend Easter Sunday at Westminster Bay or St. Paul’s 

Churches all over the capital will celebrate Easter Sunday with extended or special church services, including Westminster Bay and St. Paul’s Cathedral. 

You can attend these services for free and get an opportunity to see inside some of the most historic churches still in use today. 

  1. Go to An Easter Egg Hunt 

Besides the religious events taking place during the Easter mini-break, there are lots of other frivolous and fun activities that you can engage in, including hunting for Easter eggs. 

The National Trust is expected to run an Easter Egg Hunt whose details will be released shortly before Easter. 


The Easter mini-break is an underrated bank holiday if you ask any Londoner. Looking at the list above, there are plenty of reasons to book an Easter mini-break for you and your family. If you time it well, you can attend a concert, go to mass, or even participate in an Easter Egg Hunt.

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