9 ways to hang anything on your walls

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When you want to personalize your space and add visual interest, one of the best ways is by hanging up art, photographs, and posters. However, it’s not always easy to know the best way to hang an item on your wall.

People living in rented accommodation or in places where you can’t drill into the wall may also need to find methods for hanging pictures without nails. So, here’s our ultimate guide to different ways that you hang things to brighten up your living area, bedroom, office, or anywhere else.

1. Nails

Nails are a traditional way to hang paintings, but they’re not always the best method. Sure, nails are sturdy and easy to install, but they can create problems. You have to make sure that the wall is suitable for nails, and you also have to make sure that you avoid studs, wires, or other dangers in the walls. Plus, you’ll need to fix nail holes before you move or before you redecorate, which can be time-consuming.

2. Picture rail systems

Picture rail systems are great because they let you hang multiple items from one rail. You can then adjust the placement of hooks to create a gallery wall, and you can change it when you get new pieces to add. You can even attach them to the ceiling if you can’t drill into the wall.

3. Picture hanging moulding

Much like picture rails, there is also special moulding for hanging pictures, and it’s shaped so you can put hooks on it. These are adjustable as you go, and you can hang several pieces from one section. However, sourcing this moulding could be a challenge, and it might not suit all rooms, such as an office with a modern theme.

4. Display boxes

If you’re struggling to find places for ornaments or keepsakes, you could try display boxes. These can be mounted to the wall or hung from rails, and they are a great way to keep fond memories on display.

5. Adhesive hooks

Adhesive hooks are a quick solution if you want to hang something without having to use nails. You can install them in just a few minutes., but be sure to read the instructions carefully though. Adhesive hooks often can only bear lower weights than nails or picture rails, so you mustn’t overload them. You might also need to use a special solvent for removal.

6. Pinboards

If you want to make a collage of different pieces on a wall, you could consider a  pinboard. Then all you need to do is add pieces to it when you want. This can be a great way to display scrapbook items like ticket stubs, photographs, or programmes.

7. Magnetic paint

Magnetic paint is a modern way to make your wall into a huge magnet board. You can use it as a primer under your normal wall paint and then attach magnets to it. These can be souvenir magnets, or you can put up magnetic picture hooks.

8. Decorative tape

If you want to hang posters, photographs, or other light items, you can also use decorative tape. There are plenty of types of tape with nice patterns that can accentuate your display.

9. Picture shelves

Rather than drilling into your wall for each picture you want to display, you could put up a picture shelf. There are plenty of discreet shelves that are compact and direct focus to the photographs you’re displaying.


When you want to hang items on your walls, you don’t have to just reach for a hammer and nails. With inventive new methods, there are plenty of ways you can hang pictures without drilling into your wall. Just think about what you want to display and consider the weight limits and overall aesthetic to pick the right method for you.

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