Fun Girls Night Out Ideas to Create Lasting Memories

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Do you and your busy female friends need more bonding time?

Balancing life with your huge social circle can be hard. Between work, relationships, and life responsibilities, it might seem impossible to hang out with your friends.

But you do have time to spend a few hours during the week or a weekend. You just need the right activities to make it a night to remember.

Here are some fun girls night out ideas.

Paint and Sip Night

A paint-and-sip night is perfect for a fun girls’ night out. Start the evening by finding a local studio offering the experience. Once you arrive, each girl can select a canvas and art supplies to create their masterpiece.

Enjoy conversation while you sip a delicious beverage and bond while painting. Take your time and have fun with it! When everyone’s canvas is complete, share with the group and admire each other’s artwork.

Spa Night

Whether you’re at home or creating a getaway at a local spa, you and your friends can enjoy a variety of spa treatments. Consider facial masks, pedicures, a relaxing massage, or a mani-pedi. Plus, stock up the party with a variety of teas and snacks, and play some music that can help you all unwind.

Everyone can also have fun picking out new hair and makeup products to experiment with. Afterward, take a group photo to commemorate your night, and send it to each of your friends as a reminder of the fun times you shared. 

Cocktail Making Class

Cocktail making classes are a great way to turn a fun night out with the girls into a lasting memory! Not only will you learn how to make some delicious cocktails, but the interactive nature of this night out is sure to bring out laughter and memories.

The instructor will demonstrate a variety of cocktails and will help you create your tasty concoctions. After the class, you can mix and share the cocktails that you made and enjoy the night! Not to mention, the classes are usually held in a fun, festive environments that are perfect for creating a cheerful and jovial atmosphere.

Even if you don’t usually like cocktails, you’ll enjoy the night and the new recipes you learned. After the class don’t forget to take some photos to capture the night – because these fun girls night out ideas are sure to create lasting memories.

Movie Night

Round up all of your girls, decide what movie to watch, pop some popcorn, and get comfortable. There are loads of ways you can make it an even more enjoyable night. Whether you want a more traditional movie night, or something with a spin, the possibilities are endless.

Consider making themed snacks like a charcuterie board, renting out a theater room, or investing in some unique movie theater seating. It’s worth spending a bit of money to make some special memories with the girls.

Don’t forget to add some party decorations too. Hang up string lights and draw your curtains closed to set the perfect cinematic atmosphere.

Game Night

If you and your girlfriends are looking for a night to remember, a game night is a perfect way to create lasting memories. Invite all your friends over to your house and break out the board games. Popular picks like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit will have everyone laughing and engaged in friendly competition.

If your girls’ night is all about getting out of the house, try one of the local board game cafes. These cafes offer an endless selection of tabletop games that you and your friends can play while sipping tea or beer.

For an even more adventurous night, plan a scavenger hunt around town or a mini-golf outing! Each activity will create an opportunity for your gang of girls to bond and create unforgettable memories.

Karaoke Night

Hosting a karaoke night is a great way to have fun with friends. All you need is music and a mic! Set up your karaoke machine in a designated area, with colorful lighting and decorations.

Invite everyone to dress in their favorite costume for an entertaining twist. Ask each guest to prepare a song and sing their hearts out, with plenty of jokes and banter along the way.

After the singing is done, you can enjoy delicious treats and drinks. This will be a night to remember, as you and your friends commemorate everything that you all have accomplished with some awesome memories that you can take home from a night of singing and laughing.

Escape Room

The beauty of this activity is that it’s an hour of gaming that tests your wits and teamwork skills. As you investigate clues and solve puzzles to find out how to escape the room, you and your besties will be creating unforgettable experiences.

Plus, it’s a unique way to spend a night without breaking the bank. If you want to add some extra fun to the occasion, you can always pick a theme for everyone to dress up in.

From ancient Egyptian to the wild west, an escape room can bring your group closer together with a mission that everyone has to work together on to win. Experience escape rooms here and create fun memories with your girls that will last a lifetime.

Dance Party

Dance parties make for a great GNO! Gather your friends, pick a night, and get ready to boogie. Music is the most important component of a dance party, so choose your DJs wisely and stock up on the tunes!

You can even have a themed dance party, such as an 80s night, and everyone can dress up in wild and wacky costumes for added fun. Don’t forget to bring refreshments and snacks, and you can even make the drinks yourself!

Pour your drinks into fun, festive glasses and you’ll have a memorable night of sipping and shaking. Enjoy a night of throwing your hands up in the air, laughing, and joking with your friends.

Try These Fun Girls Night Out Ideas 

Try these fun girls night out ideas to create lasting memories with your girlfriends. After a night of meaningful conversations, tasty treats, and playful music, your bond will only become stronger. Get together tonight and make memories that last for years!

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