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How Colors Work In A Commercial Setting

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We know that colors are one of the most powerful tools when it comes to how humans feel – and commercial spaces have long been using them. If you are yet to have a commercial setting for your business, you are in a great position to make sure everything you choose leads your visitors to sign on the dotted line or leave with a product. 

Brown and Yellow

Brown and yellow both have the ability to be warm. Yellow is often considered to be welcoming and friendly – although the brighter the yellow, the closer to a warning sign it gets. Browns can be warm and look incredibly upscale – although there are some dull shades too. 

When it comes to browns, these often work better when used in fixtures like handrails and metal finishes – you can check with railing companies to check they have the bronze tone you want to give a finished look. 


Green is associated with freshness, productivity, nature, and money. And that combination can be very powerful for you. Deeper greens, when paired with natural wood and brushed metals, can look sleek and inviting. 

Overall, green gives a healthy feel, and of course, if you add plenty of plants, you will be leaning into that atmosphere. 

Black and White

Black and white are classic tones that speak volumes – and they are easy to have your own style and add some pops of color too. Black and white can often be found in design company spaces as they are typically associated with style and being upscale. 

White is one of the best colors to use as it worths with everything, and black adds some punch and tonality. Pairing black and white with industrial metal finishes and fixtures gives a strong modern look, but for a softer feel, plenty of green plants and natural wood can work wonders. 


Blue can be easier to work with if you manage to get a warm blue, and it works with the reason of the colors and styles you choose. Blue can often come off as cold – so lighter tones might not give the impression that you hope. 

Darker blues are usual on military uniforms and police uniforms, too – as they are usually seen as trustworthy colors.

In almost all shades, though, blue can be considered welcoming, beautiful, and calming. 

Purples and Red

Purple is often related to royalty and richness – you will see purple on brands that, in most circumstances, would be considered luxurious. Purple in darker tones gives the impression of creativity and passion – both of those are strong emotions. 

Red has a mixed review – often associated with emergencies, but they also incite action and excitement. When the red drifts into orange, orange is usually found on sports teams, dramatic, and on call-to-action buttons. Bright oranges can make a commercial space seem less formal. 

Softer purples are more likely to be linked to relaxation (lavenders and violets) and will be found in spaces that you want to give an impression of calm and softness. 

Once you have the colors nailed, the rest of the vibe is going to come from the furniture and decor: Unpacking the Power of Furniture Design


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