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I had the opportunity to interview Tammy Kohlschmidt, RDH, CCT, CBP, a well-rounded practitioner in multiple healing disciplines – Certified Clinical Thermographer, Licensed Dental Hygienist, Certified Body Talk Practitioner, Tibetan Tones Sound Healing and Nutritional Evaluations using the Zyto technology, about the new technics offered today. Tammy is extremely passionate about health and wellness and loves sharing her knowledge with everybody looking to live a healthier life. I wish you good luck on your health journey and I hope you share this information with those you love.

Please share your background with us.

The first 20 years of my life I was on constant antibiotics and steroids, this left me with a compromised immune system and a damaged intestinal tract. Back in the 70s, there were no rescue inhalers, and I was a child with debilitating asthma, many infections that were bronchial and pneumonia. I was the kid that was always left alone not able to play sports or really thrive. The silver thread in all of this is that I learned at the age of three how to meditate and get into a state of being able to breathe well while I was being rushed off to the hospital. Not being able to breathe at one point allowed me to pull out of my body and I would go to where I could see the angels and they would basically tell me that they were giving me the energy to survive until I could get to the hospital. At a very young age, I began to develop intuitive healing skills or what some might call psychic abilities. As I got older, I realized that the medications were making me sicker, so I started to really get into holistic healing. I began to study everything that I could in the way of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, crystals, essential oils- anything that I felt could get me back on the path to feeling good and vital. I was a dancer so looking back I realize that dancing is what really kept me alive because I would dance so hard and sweat so much and that’s how I was able to detox a lot of the medication’s that had been built up in my liver.

Once I got to New York, I became a dental hygienist knowing that this would give me a license to practice, and I could use it as a springboard into holistic healing. I met Dr. Winick, who is a biological sustainable holistic dentist at dentistry for Health New York. We built a Perio therapy program together that really encompassed the whole body by dealing with the infections in the mouth. This then led me into thermal imaging and an energy medicine modality called Body Talk.  One of my innate gifts is that psychic ability and it comes out in the practice of Body Talk.  I have intertwined my training and various techniques and modalities so that I can bring the best of all that I’ve experienced and of all that I’ve learned to my patients.

What is thermography or thermal imaging?

Thermography allows you to see what you may not yet feel. There is no radiation or body contact and is pain-free. Thermography is also called digital infrared thermal imaging. This is a technique that can measure your body’s temperature using an infrared camera. The temperature creates colorful patterns showing the difference between hot and cold areas as well as giving us detailed insight into several different issues that may be going on in the body. We are looking for symmetry of temperature and patterns. Asymmetry, depending on the degree of temperature change when comparing the left side of the body to the right side of the body, will cue us into inflammatory processes that could be the start of a dis- ease process.

How is it helpful for early disease detection?

Inflammation is something that you don’t always feel. Thermography is a way for us to see things before we feel them. Often, we will have symptoms, and way before those symptoms appear, there is low level inflammation happening in various places in the body. By detecting this inflammation early and understanding how to clear it up, is the very best way for preventing a health issue. If you understand how disease starts, then you can work on living a healthy lifestyle and preventing any genetic predispositions from taking hold. Your genetics don’t have to be your destiny.  You can defy your DNA.

What are the flow systems you often speak about and how do they affect our body’s way of defending and healing?

Everything in our body must flow. The moment that there is stagnation, there is inflammation. The flow systems are based on circulation, which is blood flow, nerve supply, which is nerve flow, lymphatic drainage, which is lymph flow, vital energy which is transferred through your meridians and facia, hormonal flow between vital endocrine glands and organs, and one of the more important Flow Systems is your emotions. When emotions are unprocessed or begin to stagnate in the mind body complex, they get stored and can cause energetic discrepancy which can lead to disease.

An easy way to think about this, our gut is also a flow system. If our bowels are not moving well, we end up with stagnation in our intestines. I often say that you want your intestines to flow like a river and not be a stagnant pond. When the main flow systems are impeded, blood circulation, nerve messaging, lymphatic drainage which is toxin flow, and daily bowel movements, the tissues and cells will inevitably become a disease process. Without flow life force becomes stagnant. Your blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients, your nerve flow carries important messages to the function of your organs and cells and tissues, your lymph flow drains your toxins, your bowel movements remove the waste that causes disease in the gut.  Thermography can look at these flow systems and give us insight into where there is stagnation and where the disease process could be happening. Our innate immune system relies on these flow systems so that it can defend and heal.

Explain the four levels of healing and how they interact.

Healing happens on four levels. We live in a quadrality of the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. In this quadrality, we must balance our life. The physical body will respond and manifest by the way we think and by the way we feel. Our physical body is run by our belief systems and if those belief systems are in a negative vibration that will affect our cells in our physical body and what I mean by that is it will affect the vibration of how your cells vibrate. Healthy cells vibrate in a range around 78 MHz. If we are constantly bombarded by stress and negative circumstances or negative people, negative thoughts, or negative emotions, that vibration lowers.  If low vibration is a chronic state of being, you will be more susceptible to the diseases that have a low vibrational rate. Cancer is a low vibration in a range around 32 MHz. This is where I incorporate Body Talk. Body Talk is an amazing technique that opens your subconscious to hearing the messages that are in your quadrality. You have hidden messages within your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of your being.  When those four levels begin to become balanced, and the weeds are pulled out of that garden you begin to become a thriving garden and your mind has much more clarity and focus so that you can be the best you in your life.

What is the best way to detect breast cancer?

The best way to detect breast cancer is by doing your own self exploration. I rarely use the word self-exam because that is cold, and most women do not have a relationship with their breasts. This is part of the work that I love to do with women. I teach women how to have a relationship with their breasts at a much deeper level. In my course, The 8 Secrets to Optimal Breast Health, I teach women how to get into a relationship with their body, their mind, their emotions and their life. There are so many ways to prevent breast cancer and it all comes down to a relationship that you have with your breasts. The best way to begin to detect breast cancer is with self-exploration and a lovingly look at your breasts and at your body. The top three emotions that get trapped in our breast tissue and can cause a low vibration which often can lead to the disease of the breasts are regret, resistance, and resentment.

We keep hearing mixed reviews about whether women should do mammograms. Can you share your insight with us.

In my opinion, your first line of defense is your own hands. Learning how to explore your breasts and learning how to have a relationship with your breasts will be the first thing that you should do for detection and healing. As far as testing goes, Thermography can show you where your inflammatory pathways are that could cause disease. Thermography can also show angiogenesis in the breast tissue. Angiogenesis is the new formation of blood vessels that would be supporting a tumor. Because thermography is a functional test, it cannot be compared to an anatomical test such as mammograms and ultrasounds. Ultrasounds are a great test to do in conjunction with thermography and self-exploration. Ultrasounds are an anatomical test that can see the anatomy of the breast and give measurements.

Mammograms are an anatomical test that is an x-ray of the breasts to look for calcifications. The controversy is in the fact that mammograms are painful and use radiation on delicate tissue.  The other controversy is that often calcifications are cancer cells that have been walled off by the body and hardened into minerals for our protection.

Our body has an amazing innate healing system and if our flow systems are functioning well, we will wall off disease processes. If our flow systems are not functioning well, toxins will become acidic in the tissues and the disease process will begin. Each woman has a responsibility and a choice to make based on what she desires for her lifestyle. Each women needs to be educated so that she understands how her body functions and how she can tap into her intuition and her instinct and making decisions that can move her into the direction of health and healing. These are things not taught to us, we must seek them out. I would imagine that if a man had to have his testicles squeezed and radiated on a yearly basis, there would be some second thoughts put into that method of testing.

Is thermography just for women, what about men?

Ladies, bring me your men! Thermography is for men as well. So often, when a man shows up in my office, it is because his wife has sent him. We need to take care of our men. Most often they will ignore their health or find ways to work around doing what it is that needs to be done. Obviously, not all men, I am just speaking based on most of the men that I see.  Men have Flow Systems just like women and men have breasts. One focus that I have when I do a men’s health screening, is to image the prostate and the testicles. Speaking of things that you cannot feel, before a prostate starts to give symptoms, it shows markers of inflammation that are easily detectable with thermography.  Another thing I see commonly with men, is cardiac distress or pressure around the aortic and pulmonary valve in the chest. A man would never know that this was an issue, this is inflammation that is not felt for years before it becomes a symptom.

Why is the mouth so important to address for overall health and healing?

The mouth is the gateway to your overall health. There is something called the oral systemic link. This simply means that there is an oral connection from the pathogens in your mouth to the blood flow and lymph flow through your whole body’s systems. There are many studies and correlations that show that the pathogens of the mouth play a role in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, various cancers including breast and pancreas, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, preterm births and many other issues.

If you have hidden infections in the mouth, any healing program that you are trying to do will not fully work because the infections in the mouth must be cleaned up and dealt with so that the body’s immune system can focus on the other disease you are trying to heal. It’s like having a fire burning in your stove while at the same time you’re trying to put out a fire in your bedroom. Both fires need to be put out to save your home.

I offer a complementary saliva test when people come in to do thermography with me. This saliva test tells us what type of hidden pathogens you may have harboring in your mouth. If these pathogens are not dealt with, your overall inflammatory burden will be a slow burning fire. It is imperative to realize that your mouth is often the hidden puzzle piece to your overall health and wellness. Your mouth harbors pathogens that hide in the gums, the roots of your teeth, on your tongue and in your saliva. When you can clean up the toxicity of the mouth and that includes amalgam fillings and old dental work, you can restore a huge part of your health.  If you have toxicity in your mouth, your immune system will struggle to keep that fire to a low smolder. 98% of your health issues start in your mouth.

What are some simple things women can do to restore their flow systems for breast health?

The number one thing that women can do to begin to restore their flow is to get rid of the wire bra. The wire in the bra is meant to keep the bra looking nice on the hanger. If a wire were truly supportive, it would have to come out like a shelf. The support of the bra comes from the fit around the rib cage and the shoulder straps. The wire compresses the delicate vessels of the blood, nerve, and toxin drainage flow which is lymph. The statistics show that if you wear a bra more than 12 hours a day your risk for cancer is one in five. If you wear a bra less than eight hours a day, your risk for cancer is one in 152. This is simply because the breasts are being impeded of fresh blood flow, toxin drainage and nerve messaging as well as warming them up. Breasts should be 2° cooler than the rest of your body. If they are heated up, the tissue becomes a toxic soup which is an acidic environment that allows microbes to grow.

In my course, The 8 Secrets to Optimal Breast Health, I go into detail about how to keep your breasts healthy, on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. You will learn to have a relationship with your breasts, and you will understand how to age gracefully.

Is there a special diet for men and women over 45?
I have found over the years, that nutrition is very personal. Our food supply has been contaminated on so many levels, that our food has become a blockage to our health.
Obviously, most of the food that we eat should be organic, grass fed and green finished, wild caught not farm raised and as fresh as possible without genetically modified grains or ingredients. Eating this way, allows our cells to properly digest, recognize and absorb the food.
Eating on the go or eating under stress will definitely cause a chemical change in your metabolism which will actually turn the food into storage.

Paying attention to how your body feels while you’re eating, recognizing the smell of the food which starts your digestive process, chewing the food slowly and for a longer period of time at least up to 40 to 60 chews, enjoying what you’re eating and noticing when you begin to get full. The moment you smell your food, digestion begins. Notice the emotions that you are experiencing. Emotions will get stuffed in the body and so will the breakdown of the food if you’re in a distressed state.

I’m sure you have heard of eating in moderation, the question is what is moderation and where do you have boundaries? Do you stop eating when you feel full, do you overload your plate?
What does your culture or your conditioned beliefs say about food? When you really begin to look at your food and your weight, you must begin to look deeper than just what’s on your plate. Food is part of our life source; it is also part of our enjoyment and our sensual pleasure. Our taste buds could bring us such pleasure if we noticed them while we’re eating.

A long answer to a simple question. I do have an anti-inflammatory food guide that I give to many of my patients so that they can start modifying the way they eat and build better boundaries. There are times when you are going to eat in moderation and there are times when you are going to eat in excess. The goal is to become aware and once you become aware you can begin to make changes and get a little bit more in control of your eating habits. Of course, there are deeper underlying issues with food, and there are also physical reasons why we may not be digesting our food properly, metabolizing our food properly or storing our food as weight.

In conclusion

If you have any questions or are curious about any of the things Tammy discussed here, please reach out to her. She has so much more to offer than what has been covered here. Tammy’s course, The 8 Secrets to Optimal Breast Health will take a woman to another level within herself. Thermography will uncover things that you need to know about your body. Body Talk can help you balance in the quadrality of your life. There are several free resources on her website, and she has a new course launching very soon called be-U-ty. This is about owning your beauty and aging gracefully.
IG: @thermographynyc
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