Tips on How to Appear More Sophisticated

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In life, there are times when we need to put on airs and graces and appear more sophisticated than we actually are. Times when we need put these airs and graces on include going to a wedding, especially if you are part of the wedding party. Maybe you are going on a first date or meeting those potential future in-laws for the first time. Maybe you are going for an interview, or having a meeting with your boss, or even going to the boss’s home for dinner. Whatever your reason, you need to come across as more sophisticated and well-bred. The good news is that there are many ways you can do this. This blog is designed to give you a few pointers on how to appear more sophisticated. 

Your Outfit

When you think of sophisticated clothes, you need to think classy and timeless. That means elegance and nothing garish. Try to avoid labels and go for neutral colors as your foundation. You shd avoid wearing too many colors, and any colors you do use should be block colors. You should avoid anything too low cut as this is not classy, so think high-necked. This can also make you feel more comfortable too. High-waisted is also classy as this elongates your legs and avoids any mishaps. If you are going for a skirt or dress, you need to ensure that it is below the knee. Anything too short is not considered sophisticated, no matter how attractive you may think it is. Another thing to consider is dressing for your body type. We are all different shapes and sizes, but most women fall into one of four basic body types: pear, apple, hourglass, and rectangle. You need to measure your vital assets and work out which type you are. Dressing for your body type is a surefire way to help you dress in a more sophisticated way. 


Manners are essential when it comes to sophistication. If you do not know how to behave, then you are not going to pull off the sophistication you need. So, remember to say please and thank you at the bare minimum. Remember your table manners, too, if you are having dinner. It is important to be interested in what people are talking to you about, so you need to learn how to listen actively. Make eye contact, but don’t stare people out, as this is rude; try not to fidget, even if you are nervous. Getting your phone out is a big no-no, too – unless you absolutely have to. It may be an idea to leave this on silent, hidden in your purse, so you are not distracted.  

Your Posture

Your posture is very important to how you are perceived. You need to stand upright and not hunched over. The same goes for when you are sitting too. If your posture leaves something to be desired, you can improve it. Stand up as straight sd you can and push your shoulder back and straighten out your spine. A great thing to do is to walk with a book on your head so you learn to walk without hunching over. Good posture can create a positive instant and lasting impression. 


You should go in for subtle make-up on occasions like these. Too much black eyeliner, caked-on foundation, and bright red lipstick are all no-nos. Choose less obvious colors and if you usually wear foundation, why not try a color corrector which can be almost invisible but still give you that smooth and flawless skin look you desire? Too much make-up can appear cheap and tacky. So, work on subtlety. 

Conversation Topics

It may be a good idea to catch up on a few current affairs and have a few topics lined up in your conversational arsenal to avoid those awkward silences. Or maybe watch the latest popular program and see if it comes up n conversation. Conversations mean listening too, to practice your listening skills, and this will take you far.

Your Name

If you usually go by a nickname, remember not to use this when you meet these people. Sophistication is part and parcel with your proper name, so use it. If you really want t impress, you can even buy yourself a title from This can really add a bit of class to your name. If you are meeting parents, perhaps you could win a few brownie points by calling them Mr. and Mrs. So and so to show respect.  


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