6 Tips to Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day

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Whether you have oily or dry skin, your makeup may smudge or fade throughout the day. Even if you have the best skincare routine, your makeup may not last long if you don’t use the right way to apply it. 

Here are some beauty hacks that you can add to your makeup routine to help your makeup last all day. 

Apply Setting Powder

Use translucent setting powders to prevent your face makeup from smudging throughout the day. Apply a setting powder that matches your skin tone as the final step to set your makeup. 

To apply a loose powder, simply dip a powder brush or sponge into the powder and gently dab it along your jawline, cheeks, forehead, and nose. If your skin type is oily, apply an extra light layer of translucent powder to your T zone and chin area. 

Buy a Setting Spray

If your skin is more on the dry side, then it’s better to use a setting spray as compared to the powder. A good quality setting spray gives you a dewy appearance and sets your eye and lip makeup. 

The best way to use a spray is to hold the bottle six inches away from your face and apply two spritzes of the spray after you finish your makeup application. 

Avoid Putting on Layers of Makeup

One amazing makeup hack is to avoid layering on too much makeup. Layering on too much makeup can cause your beauty products to come off during the day. You might end up applying thick layers of makeup for full coverage, but it does not stick to the skin and slides off after a few hours.

When you start applying makeup, start with a thin layer and use your finger or a makeup sponge to dap it light into your skin. Choose long-wearing products like waterproof mascara and buy high-quality pro-made lashes online that can last you for an entire day.

Check the Expiration Date of Products

Fresh and high-quality products tend to stick to your skin surface better and give a clean finishing look. Make sure to check the expiration date on your products.

If you can’t find an expiration date then look for signs such as dry, crumbly, and hardened makeup products. 

Start with a Primer

When you are done with your skincare routine then begin your makeup with a primer before applying any other product. You should not miss out on the primer as it helps seal in moisture and help the foundation adhere better to the skin.

There are many options when it comes to buying a primer so choose one that has long-wearing capabilities. You just need to apply a pea size amount of prime to your face and evenly distribute it across your face.

Exfoliate Your Face 

If you don’t exfoliate the skin, it will become rough, and the makeup won’t adhere smoothly to it. Makeup sticks to the skin better when you exfoliate it to remove dead skin cells.

It’s best to apply an exfoliant at least two to three times per week. Avoid over-exfoliating as it may irritate the skin. 

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