Beat Stress and Stay Fresh: Simple Tips to Look Your Best

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Stress affects us both mentally and physically. But you may not have considered how its impact can also be seen in your appearance. When stress takes a toll on you, your body reacts in various ways over the course of a day. You may be thinking about excess cortisol levels or trouble sleeping. But before these hormonal reactions kick in, stress also creates a physical reaction, which can be out of your control, such as excessive sweating, or intentional ,such as seeking comfort through head scratching. The bottom line: These reactions can completely transform your appearance over the course of a single day. In an office environment, the last thing you want is for stress to show in unflattering ways. 

When stress strikes, it triggers a cascade of physical responses. Excessive sweating is a common response and can affect any part of your body. Typically, sweat will concentrate on the face and the underarms. Furthermore, fidgeting and touching your hair for comfort can leave you looking disheveled and messy. Finally, the temptation to reach for an extra cup of coffee to alleviate stress can dehydrate the body and contribute to dark under-eye circles, further compromising your appearance. 

Protect your Makeup & Hair

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to alleviate face sweat. However, you can prevent your makeup from fading as a result of excessive sweat. To avoid stress-induced make mishaps, it can be a good idea to invest in a quality setting powder or setting spray, depending on your skin type. This will help keep your makeup in place even when your skin becomes moist or pores expand as a stress response. Makeup applied with a setting component is more likely to resist fading from day-to-day stress. 

Similarly, investing in a gentle shampoo will prevent stress-related itchiness. So, you are less likely to scratch your head when under stress. 

Combat Sweat Stains

First of all, it is important to mention that perspiration is a normal response to stress. Excessive sweating in day-to-day life can be linked to a variety of factors, including a medical condition called focal hyperhidrosis. Experts estimate that hyperhidrosis affects 2% to 5% of the US population and can present itself in different ways. 

However, perspiration is also linked to hormonal changes and mental health. Emotional stress can trigger an anxiety response, which will increase sweating. This doesn’t necessarily need to be linked to hyperhidrosis. But sweat stains can be embarrassing and ruin your confidence regardless of the reasons. So, if you notice excessive sweating under stress, you may want to invest in a strong deodorant designed to tackle extreme sweating.  

Replace Coffee

Although a cup of coffee can make you feel hyper and provide temporary relief from stress, excessive consumption will cause under-eye circles and dehydration. Unfortunately, the temptation to grab a cup of joe when work gets hectic is strong. But it doesn’t help you deal with stress. Instead, replace stress coffee with a short walk outside. A fast walk around the block can boost endorphin levels and helps reduce stress. If you are a vaping enthusiast, now’s the time to vape and walk. Vaping can help release dopamine, the “feel good” chemical that also helps combat stress. Need to recharge your stress-relief vaping cabinet? You can find the cheapest online vaping ejuice deals at with free shipping on orders over $75 with coupon code FREE75, an ideal way to encourage walking outside when stress kicks in. 

Stress may try to dull your radiance, but with these simple tips, you can beat it and maintain a fresh and vibrant appearance throughout the day.

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