Relaxed Fashion Is Here To Stay

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There will always be a special place for tailored classics; they skim the body and give a stunning look. But relaxed fashion has been on the rise for the last few years – and it is here to stay.

Athleasuire, loungewear, and ultra-soft materials. You can look fashionable and on-trend without redistricting your movement or struggling with feeling comfortable. 

In the end – who doesn’t want to be comfortable in what they are wearing? 

So what styles and pieces are the best for that relaxed fashion look? 


Some people will not be seen out of the house without a sharp pointed toe and a high heel. And since they have mastered how to live their everyday life with them – good for them! 

But if that isn’t for you, there are a few things you can do. 

Crocs (yes, really) have been mainstream now and are seen on everyone from Post Malone to Nicki Minaj and beyond. Spice yours up with Jibbitz and live your ultimate relaxed fashion life. Alternatively, the Addidas Gazelle is a classic for a reason, and ultra comfortable. 


You are more likely to see sweats styles up with shirts and a v-neck than ever. Perfect for Zoom meetings, without a doubt, but even better for leaning into the relaxed fashion. You don’t need to have skinny jeans with a shirt; style up your sweats

Through the cooler months, there were plenty of images of people in tracksuits (with hoods) and dress coats paired with some chunky sole sneakers and a crossbody, and you’re good for anything. 

The Maxi

Maxi dresses, maxi shirts, patterns, and prints – long live the boho styles. Johnny Was boho clothing is a great example of how luxe yet relaxed maxis can be. The trick to a great maxi dress or skirt is that they aren’t just shapeless; they are designed to fit and flow, giving everything they should when it comes to the ultimate a relaxed fashion. 


The earthy and muted tones have it! Where once people shied away from browns, they are not the color of choice. Beige, browns, stones, grays, and other earthy tones like greens and pastels are big. 

These tones are naturally soft and demand nothing from us; in terms of patterns, we don’t have to think too hard – and the bonus is that they have a calming effect too. 


We all know that accessories can make an outfit look a little more polished – but they don’t need to be fussy. Irregular bold pieces and a lot of interest, raw stones (druzy), and natural materials are a great idea. The ultimate in comfort, though, is a giant scarf and some sunnies. 

Since the rest of your outfit isn’t going to take a lot of effort or be overworked, you leave a lot of room to play with textures and styles – and over time, you will create a quick go-to set that works with anything – if in doubt? Add hoops. 

And what would any outfit be without a signature scent? If you like to keep your fragrances on trend and love to try out new things, check out these: 6 Essential Perfumes for Spring and Summer 2023


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