Uniting Mind & Body

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If you are looking to care for both your mind and body, and achieve a general holistic wellness that can sustain you through life, there are a lot of different areas that you might want to focus on in order to do that. It might actually be quite a lot easier than you think to achieve this, but you will need to be aware of some of the essentials that you have to think about first and foremost. That is what we are going to look at here in some detail.

What follows is some of the best ways to unite mind and body in a place of better health and overall well being for both. If you can adopt even just some of the following practices, you will certainly find a marked improvement in how you feel as well as how you approach your life, so it is absolutely something that you should try out. Let’s take a look.


This is one of the very best practices when it comes to helping both your mind and body. Most people know about the benefits that meditation can bring to you mentally and psychologically. You will expect to have a calmer and more still mind, a greater ability to focus and concentrate, as well as to relax the mind where necessary, and you can hope for more compassion and gratitude to naturally spring up as well. All of those are clearly really important, but did you know that meditation is also beneficial for your physical body?

In fact, research shows that those who meditate frequently are less likely to have heart problems of all kinds, and will generally have a much better blood pressure, heart rate and so on. You will be less likely to have a stroke too, and there is even some evidence that you will be able to improve your metabolism through a regular meditation practice.

So as you can see, there is a lot to be said for both mind and body when it comes to the practice of meditation. If you want to see these benefits for yourself, all you need to do is take twenty minutes or half an hour a day and sit there, gently focusing on the breath. This is an amazingly simple and yet powerful practice, and one you should definitely try out for yourself as soon as possible.


Similar to meditation is the ancient practice of what we now call yoga. This is known specifically to be hugely beneficial for your mind as well as your body, because you are combining body poses with breathing to enhance both of those practices as one. Most yoga practitioners report a feeling of unity in this way, along with a lot of amazing improvements in general to their wellbeing that they find sustain them for a long time, so you can be sure there is a lot to get out of a yoga practice too, especially if it is combined with meditation regularly as well.

If you want to get into yoga, the best way is to find a local class that you can get involved in, or simply follow along with some videos online. There are so many courses out there you can access for free, so it’s something you can easily spring for – and all you will need at home is a mat and a place to do it. This really is a practice that can change your life, so it’s worth thinking about at the very least if that sounds like something you want for yourself.

Appearance & Style

Another important way that you can hope to unite mind and body is by taking a look at how you present yourself. This is actually intimately related to your sense of self and your enjoyment of your body, which is therefore related to your mind and how happy you are with yourself in general. So it’s vital that you are working on your appearance and making sure that you are happy with it – which is not to say that you look how society wants you to look, necessarily.

A lot of this is about being happy with your style. There is no right or wrong here, it’s just about adopting whatever personal style you are going to be happy with as an individual. So that might mean helix piercing jewellery is your thing, or you might decide that you want to go for a different kind of look altogether. The beauty of it is that it is your decision, and you just need to follow your instincts and see where they lead to.

The point is that when you are happy with your outward appearance, that tends to line up internally with your experience, so this is more important and less superficial than people often seem to assume.

Creative Expression

Another very important means of connecting mind and body, and exploring that connection, is creative expression. A lot of people think that they are ‘not creative people’, but the truth is that you probably do have a lot of creativity in you, if you just know how to approach it and bring it out. One good way is to spend a little time each day creating something, and allowing yourself to simply enjoy the making of it. That means harboring no judgment about the results, just creating and seeing what happens.

If you can do that for a while, you will find that it gets you in touch with yourself in a very deep and direct way, and this proves to be beneficial for you in general. And you will have a much better understanding of your mind as well as a connection from that to your body, because you are utilizing your body as a tool in order to create what the mind is doing. It’s worth a shot.

Those are just some of the things you can think about if you want to unite your mind and body, so they are well worth trying out.

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