What to Expect After Having a Labiaplasty

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What kind of changes should I expect after labiaplasty surgery?

You’ve heard all the good things regarding labiaplasty surgery. Some of your friends may even have had it done, but you still can’t help but wonder what to expect and how you’ll feel after surgery recovery.

Still, labiaplasty recovery is not as bad as you may think. If you go into it with the right mentality, it can be tolerable, and you’ll be glad you had the procedure done.

If you want to learn more about what to expect after having labiaplasty surgery, then please keep reading.


Most patients experience some soreness after having a labiaplasty. This is normal and should ease over time. Initially, your external labia will feel tender and swollen.

You may experience some pain or discomfort when sitting or engaging in activity. You’ll want to be as gentle with yourself as possible until the soreness dissipates.

Taking pain medication and applying cold or warm compresses are both ways to help manage symptoms. Another way to help with the soreness is by avoiding soap and scented bath products and by wearing loose-fitting clothing. 

Reduced Sensitivity

This could be due to the possible removal of nerve endings, as some nerves in the vagina can be cut during the operation. It is possible that feelings during sex may be diminished, particularly during penetration.

In addition, during the operation, sutures are used to close the vagina, which may cause temporary sensations of burning and itching. In some cases, this can lead to a decrease in sensation. While the nerves do regenerate and sensitivity will return, it may take several weeks or months before you feel completely back to normal.

Normal Physical Activities

Mommy makeover by Dr. Pratt is known for creating a mommy makeover silhouette that is timeless, proportionate, and elegant. These procedures can involve a labiaplasty – which reshapes and reduces the size of the labia. Afterward, patients are often able to look and feel more comfortable in their own bodies due to improved self-image.

One of the things to expect after having a labiaplasty is that normal physical activities can resume, such as exercising and engaging in sports. While it may take some time to recover, this is significantly shorter than other procedures. Furthermore, it may even be possible to return to the activities with greater confidence and vigor than before. 


This is unavoidable, no matter how well the cosmetic surgery is performed. Everyday activities such as sitting, standing, exercising, and even wearing certain types of clothing can affect how the incision heals, resulting in noticeable scarring. These scars, while they may vary in size and shape, will eventually become less visible over time.

Still, it is important to understand that despite all the best efforts, some scarring will remain, even if it is only very faint. To ensure proper healing and to minimize the chances of noticeable scarring, individuals should follow all the instructions that their surgeon provides for good post-operative care.

Consider the Labiaplasty Recovery Process

Labiaplasty, while a risky procedure, can potentially provide positive outcomes for women. After the procedure, some swelling, bruising, and discomfort can be expected. However, with proper aftercare and instructed healing procedures, pain and any discomfort should be minimal.

As always, it is best to consult a physician if in doubt. Do your research today and determine if labiaplasty is the right option for you.

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