Why You Need Tan Drops in Your Skincare Routine

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There’s nothing like the summer glow of bronzed skin. But we all know the damage that tanning via UV rays can cause. That’s where tan drops can come into play. Tanning drops combine the subtle bronze of self-tan with nourishing skincare, so you can get a gorgeous glowing complexion without the sun damage.  

What are tanning drops?

Tan drops usually come in a bottle with a dropper. The tinting water can be applied directly to the face or mixed with moisturizer first. When used regularly, tan drops gradually build a natural-looking glow on the face. 

How do tanning drops work?

Most tanning drops will contain at least one active ingredient that build a bronze glow on the skin. This could be erythrulose, which is a botanical ingredient that works with the proteins in the skin to build color. An alternative bronzing ingredient is DHA, which is derived from sugars and reacts with the peptides in skin to add color and pigment.  

After the tan drops are applied to the face, it will take a few hours for the color to develop. The color can be built up over a few days, or you can use tan drops less regularly to maintain an even, subtle glow. 

Benefits of tanning drops

One of the benefits of tan drops is that you have control over the intensity of your tan. If you want a subtle glow, you can use just a few drops. If you want a deeper bronze, you can add more. 

Most tan drops will combine skincare ingredients with tanning. So, depending on the tanning drops you choose, you will enjoy extra benefits alongside a bronzed look. Some tan drops contain hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which will lock in moisture and help to boost your natural-looking glow. Well-moisturized skin will also help to prolong the bronzed look. 

Another benefit of using tan drops is that you can avoid the damage that comes from sunbathing or sunbeds. With tanning drops, you’ll still get a gorgeous tan but without the harmful UV rays. 

How to use tanning drops

Some tanning drops will be concentrated and will need to first be mixed in with your moisturizer or serum. Others, sometimes known as tinting water, will be more gentle and can either be applied directly to the face or can also be mixed in with another skincare product. 

You should start with a clean face, so it can be best to cleanse and tone before using tan drops. Then massage at least two to three drops into your skin. If you would like a deeper tan, add a few more drops. If you’re using tan drops for the first time, it can be best to start with a smaller amount and see how the tan builds on your skin. You can always add more drops if you decide you would like a more intense bronze. 

Make sure you massage the tan drops all over your face and blend it into your hairline, down your neck into your decolletage, and also around your ears. This will help to achieve a seamless finish and avoid tan lines.

Once the product is applied, always thoroughly wash your hands. This will stop the tan from building up on your palms and fingers. Let the product absorb into your skin fully for a few minutes before you put any clothes near your face. Once it’s dry, it won’t stain fabric so you can go about your day as normal. 

How often should I use tan drops?

You can use tan drops as often or as little as you like. If you’re aiming for a deeper glow, you could use them every day. If you want just a subtle tint, you might prefer to use them just once or twice a week.

You should also consider the other products you use in your skincare routine. If you regularly exfoliate, you may need to use tanning drops more often, as the exfoliation will buff away the color. 

You can use tan drops either in your morning or nighttime routine. Once the tan drops are fully absorbed into the skin, you can apply makeup or go to bed without worrying that your pillows will be stained by the drops. Many people like to apply their tan drops at night, as it means you can wake up to gorgeous glowing skin.

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