4 Tips All New Drivers Should Know

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Understandably you may be excited about exploring the world through the comfort of your car. But you must remember that as a new driver, you have little experience on the road. Although your driving instructor may have taught you how to drive, he didn’t teach you how to navigate various real-life situations. Therefore, it is vital to have more information on what to expect as a new driver to avoid surprises and mistakes. Below is a guide on what to know as a new driver.

  • Pay attention to your vehicle 

When your car is going through a fault, you are prompted several times to get the changes made. However, several drivers, especially new ones, do not pay much attention to these alerts. This often leads to expensive damages and other faults, reducing your excitement about driving. First, you should ensure that you know the various icons on your dashboard and what they stand for. This way, you would know exactly what the problem is. You should also attend to the various prompts you receive from your mechanic. 

  • Obey the traffic laws

Research shows that there have been about 7.3 million crashes in the USA. Some of these accidents were caused by drivers acting against the prescribed traffic laws. Before getting on the road, be sure to know and understand the traffic laws specific to your location. You should also ensure you know and follow the various road signs. Your insurance and other car documents should be updated and kept by you to avoid from getting lost. You should also ensure you have a valid license. If not, you should book drive test at a registered center, then pass your test, and obtain your license.  

  • Manage your distractions

Distractions are a major cause of car accidents across the world. While you drive, you need to focus on the road to ensure you do not make avoidable mistakes and practice defensive driving. A major distraction most drivers face is their phones. Although you may be an efficient multitasker, driving and using your phone is always dangerous. If you need to make phone calls, you can invest in Bluetooth speaker devices that allow you to make calls hands-free. Your passengers can also be a distraction, especially for a new driver. Be sure that your passengers are not making too much noise or being too busy while you drive. Also, you should avoid turning down the stereo to ensure you are focused on getting to your destination safely. 

  • Watch the weather

Weather conditions also play a role in the safety of the road. For example, when it rains or snows, you must switch on your high beam lights to better navigate the road. Additionally, you may have to slow down to avoid damage or wait until it gets better. As a new driver, you should avoid being overambitious. If you are uncomfortable with the weather, it is okay to sit out. Or perhaps you may want an experienced driver to join you during the bad weather days to offer you guidance and support through the journey.


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