How to Take a Proper Breast Measurement

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Are you worried that one or both of your breasts are too small or the other way around?

A lot of women are not satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. With this in mind, it’s no wonder many ladies want to make sure what they’ve got is both normal and satisfactory.

For this reason, many are interested in learning how to correctly measure their breasts. Knowing how to take a proper breast measurement is critical.

So here’s what you need to know.

Get a Soft Measuring Tape

When taking a proper breast measurement, it is important to use a soft measuring tape. A soft measuring tape is designed to give accurate measurements, even when measuring a soft area such as the breast. Start by standing straight up in front of a mirror with your arms down at your sides.

Wrap the tape around your chest, just below your breasts. The tape should be snug, but should not be too tight. When the tape is in the proper position, make sure it is even all the way around so it reads the same measurement on the back as it does on the front.

Read the measuring tape and record the measurement in inches. Do this for both your left and right breast and take the average of those two measurements.

Wear a Non-padded Bra

When taking a proper breast measurement, wear a nonpadded bra to ensure the most accurate reading. Make sure the bra is not too tight or too loose. If needed, adjust the straps and hook and eye closure for a comfortable fit.

Once the measurement is taken, adjust the bra straps and closure to ensure a snug fit that is not too tight. Wearing a nonpadded bra will allow for full coverage and the most accurate reading.

Measure Your Cup Size

To take a proper breast measurement for cup size, it’s important to stand with your back straight and arms at your sides. Measure the circumference of the fullest part of your bust using a flexible measuring tape, ensuring the tape is snug against the body but not tight.

Write down the measurement, rounding up to the nearest inch. To find the band size, measure just underneath the bust, taking the same precautions and noting the measurement. The difference between the two measurements is the cup size, where a difference of 1” is an A cup, 2” is a B cup, 3” is a C cup, and so on.

Note the cup size and band size, making sure to keep all information, including chest size accurate. With this information, you can now choose the correct cup size to fit your breast shape and size. Moreover, you can also decide whether you should be going for a breast reduction or a breast enhancement procedure.

Learn How to Take a Proper Breast Measurement

Following these steps will ensure you get an accurate breast measurement every time. It’s important to remember not to add any extra inches and stay consistent.

Now that you know how to measure, use it often to stay in control of your health! Regular check-ups with the doctor should also be kept in mind when considering breast health.

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