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Avoid Poor Customer Communication- Here’s What To Do

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Customers are the heart of every business. Businesses simply can’t function without them. It’s for this reason that customer communication is so important. 

Even if you have the best products and ideas in the world, if you’re not communicating with your customers and target audience well, you can wave goodbye. Poor communication will inevitably lead to business failure. So, how do you avoid poor communication? Here’s what you need to know.

Avoid Automated Responses

The great thing about communication is that it can help us connect with each other. Although many companies are using AI technology to their advantage, there will come a point where many customers want to talk to a human. When this happens, it’s an opportunity to display empathy, friendliness, and many other emotions that AI responses cannot.

When it comes to building relationships with your customers, they want to know that they can connect with people who are understanding of the situation and use their hearts as well as their heads. AI can be a cost-effective solution in business but it has so much lacking that only human connection can account for.

Keep Things Simple

When communicating with someone online, whether it’s via social media, email, or chat boxes, there can be a lot left up to interpretation. Don’t leave any room for confusion when replying to customers. Keep your answers short and simple so they’re easy to understand.

If a customer requires a specialist answer, be sure to transfer them to a specialist department. Attempting to give a customer specialist advice without the know-how or the technology will only result in frustration.

Fully Equip Your Business

Your business and employees can only communicate as well as the tools you provide for them. Everything from internet connection and network cabling to high speed devices and training courses should be used. For convenient network cabling, take a look at Justcabling.com so your business can run as smoothly as possible.

There are also tons of online communication tools you can utilize. Anything from scheduling posts on social media to installing chat on your website can help you to reach your customers quickly and efficiently.

Be Ready To Apologize

Customers want a perfect experience. They want to get from A to B smoothly and walk away with a product that solves one of their problems. If there’s a bump in the road at any point, your business better be ready to say sorry.

This could be because of a faulty product, slow delivery times, poor communication, poor packaging, and several more. If the experience was any less than perfect, your business has something to work on. In addition to apologizing, you should inform the customer of how you intend to do better next time and offer an incentive to shop again, like a discount coupon.

Reply In Full

Have you ever sent a query to someone only to receive half an answer back? This is frustrating for customers who want the full picture. A reply with answered questions gives the impression that the email wasn’t read correctly and the replyer has poor attention to detail.

Some customer service workers will only reply to the questions they know the answer to and ignore the rest. This will only leave you with disgruntled customers. You should advise your workers to acknowledge each question, even when they don’t know the answers and tell the customer that someone will be in touch with the answer as soon as possible.

Be Proactive

Customers look to businesses to provide solutions to problems. If your business can provide a solution before the customer has to ask, that’s even better. In addition, if a customer ever has a complaint, you can be proactive by asking the customer for feedback once the complaint has been resolved.

A simple text asking ‘how did we do?’ to a customer’s phone could give you some vital information about making adjustments to operations in the future. However you choose to gather your data, make it convenient for your customers.

Be Available

Many business operating hours are between 8am and 5pm but this is often when customers are working themselves. If they have a query, complaint, or comment to make, the business won’t be available to hear it when it’s most convenient for the customer. If you close your phone lines at 5pm, you may want to think about other forms of communication after 5pm.

For instance, hiring an out of hours social media manager would allow customers to get replies during hours that suit them on social media platforms. You could also ensure that emails are manned outside of working hours by hiring freelance customer service assistants.

Hire Patient People

Unfortunately, it’s common for customers to get angry when something goes wrong. Your customer service team members could take the brunt of their anger and it’s not easy to be patient in these circumstances. Although abuse should never be tolerated, it’s important that your staff can listen, empathize, and not interrupt.

A customer’s experience heavily relies on how they feel. When hiring staff, make sure they know that patience is key when it comes to dealing with customers who have been disappointed.

Know The Product

Arguably the most important part of communicating with a customer is knowing what you’re talking about. If a customer service assistant doesn’t know enough about the product or service in question, the customer will swiftly make their way to a competitor. Every customer service assistant should be thoroughly trained on what the business delivers.

There may be some questions that require specialist knowledge but common questions should be answered easily and quickly. Each person working for your business should stay up to date on industry innovations so customers can be sure they’re talking to experts.

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